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The Cottage Laundry

Laundry on Streatham Road, north of corner with Graham Avenue.

1911 OS Map

1911 OS Map

Listed in the 1911 commercial directory as:

S. L. Munday & Son, laundry, The Cottage laundry, Streatham road, Upper Mitcham

The size of the business can be seen when Mrs S.L. Munday goes to the Mitcham Military Service Tribunal as reported on 22nd February, 1918

Mrs. S. L. Munday, a widow, carrying on a laundry business, asked for exemption of her son, her manager. Owing to her age, it was impossible for her to carry on. She employed one hundred women, and had between three and four hundred customers. Her son’s health was not good. She had released eight men for military service, and had only appealed for this one. He was passed C8.

The Chairman: The position is exactly the same as last ?

Conditional exemption was granted.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.


Park Avenue

Road off east side of Streatham Road, presumably built at the same time as Caithness Road.

1911 OS map

1911 OS map

In the 1915 street directory, houses on the west side were numbered odd from 1 to 109 and on the east side, even from 2 to 108. Included with residents were:

10, William Archelaus L.M.S.S.A.Lond., physician and surgeon
42, John Felix Laker, French servant’s registry office.

See Merton Memories photo from 1924.

World War 1 Connections
Captain John Henry William Forster

Rifleman Hubert William Joslin

Corporal Reginald Henry Osborne

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.