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Nine schools in big reshuffle in 1960

From the Mitcham News & Mercury, 20th May, 1960, page 1.


A DEVELOPMENT plan to provide an academic stream in all Surrey secondary schools
will start next year. Nine Mitcham schools will be affected, five of which will be closed.

The scheme was due to be started early next year and completed by 1966, but too little
money was allocated by the Ministry of Education, and the completion date will not be for some years.

Top priority on the list is Gorringe Park Secondary Boys School. As the present building
is needed for the primary pupils, new premises will be built.

The boys from Rowan Road Secondary School, which is closing, will be transferred to the
new school, where it is planned to run one academic, one technical and two general courses.


Rowan Road Secondary girls will have the entire school building, at the moment divided between the boys and girls school. They will have one academic, one home economics and two general courses.

Pollards Hill Secondary School will be enlarged. It Will take six instead of four entry classes each year and will have one academic, one commercial and four general courses.

Western Road Boys’ School will close and the girls will take over the entire building. With an academic and a commercial course there will be two general courses.

Singlegate Boys’ School will close, and open in a new building on a new site with one academic, one technical and two general courses.

Fortescue Girls’ and Links’ Girls’ schools will both be closed.

Merton Memories Photos
Fortescue Road School in 1925

Gorringe Park School (6 photos)

Pollards Hill School : Football coaching in 1955

Rowan Road School (10 photos)

Western Road School in 1954


Meopham Road

Road that runs westward from Rowan Road to Grove Road. It was originally called Old Grove Road, and is shown on this 1913 map as part of Grove Road.

1913 OS Map

1913 OS Map

It was renamed to Meopham Road in 1927, likely named from a field on the north side, see map on page 16 of Mitcham Histories : 3 Pollards Hill, Commonside East and Lonesome.

From the minutes of the Mitcham Urban District Council
Highways and Buildings Committee
Tuesday, 6th December, 1927
Page 528

10. Naming of Roads – It was Resolved, that an order be made under Section 18 of the Public Health Act, 1925, assigning the following names to streets in the district:-

Meopham Road, for that part of Grove Road leading past the south end of Ebenezer Cottages to the junction with Rowan Road (hitherto described as Old Grove Road).

See also:

A. Jordan & W. King, electrical engineers, adjoining 94 Meopham Road

British Red Cross )Youth Section) Divisional HQ

Public conveniences planned in 1936

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Marco Refrigerators, Ltd.

Manor Works
216/8 Rowan Road

Refrigerator manufacturer.

1948 aerial photo from Britain From Above

1951 OS map

Listed in the 1930 commercial directory as Marco Refrigerators (1929) Ltd. refrigerator mfrs. Rowan rd. Trading As ” Fridgettys, Phone, London; ” T N Pollards 1141

News Articles
Mitcham News & Mercury 13th January 1961, page 1


THE 350 employees of Marco Refrigerators Ltd., in Rowan Road, Mitcham, were shocked to learn at the week-end that their company made a net loss of £51,795 last year.

This is in marked contrast to the previous year when a profit of £32,539 was made.

Many of the workers have been asking among themselves: “Will this mean some of us will lose our jobs?”

The management refused to comment this week. but it seems reasonably certain that wholesale sackings will not take place. Shortly before Christmas 29 were laid off because of the drop in orders, but none has been dismissed since.


it is understood that trade is once again improving and according to sales representatives, will continue to go up.

The firm, which makes refrigerators mainly for industrial
and commercial use – a large part of their output goes overseas – gives two reasons for the 1960 loss.

Firstly, the Governments credit squeeze, including the hire purchase restrictions.

Secondly. the need to sell many of their goods at little or no profit to meet “cut-throat competition” in spite of increased material and labour costs.


An official statement by Marcos adds: Every possible step has been put into operation by the directors to rectify the position.”

No one at the company would enlarge on this statement.
“We can say nothing at this stage,” a spokesman said.
Marco Refrigerators are not alone in their poor financial result.

Many other refrigerator firms have been similarly hit.

Listed in the Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.