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1954 Seven tons of tanning fluid lost after valve theft

Seven tons of fluid escaped

Seven tons of tanning fluid, worth £175, escaped and were lost when a valve was ripped from a tank in the yard of a factory in Church Path, Mitcham. It was stated at Mitcham Magistrates’ Court on Monday, when XXXXX, 17, street trader, of
Phipps Bridge Road, admitted stealing the valve. He was said to have told the police that he had sold it for £1 8s.

XXXXX admitted entering the yard at the factory of Messrs. Mitchell and Smith. Ltd., on four occasions in order to steal valves and other metal.

On the fourth occasion he was caught by a police officer who was lying in wait. He pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing metal, and asked for two others to be taken into consideration. XXXXX was remanded in custody until Monday so that his parents could be present.

Mitcham News & Mercury, 8th July, 1954, page 1


Cycle shop in Buck’s Head Parade, from 1932 to 1968, which previously had been occupied by W.H. Jenner.

8th July 1954 ad

8th July 1954 ad

A comment on the Facebook Mitcham History group :

I worked at Dynes in 67. Mr Dyne used to have two shops, one in Battersea. After he died in 66 the Battersea shop was sold off… The Chinese moved in, in 68.

Chinese fast food shop Cheun Hong, can be seen in this 1987 photo on Merton Memories.

A 1959 photo on Merton Memories shows the advertising for Dyne’s on the north wall of Buck’s Head Parade. The words ‘Moped Service’ have been preserved as a ‘ghost sign’ with the mural of 2016.

2016 Ghost Sign

2016 Ghost Sign

Photo taken 16th June, 2016

Photo taken 16th June, 2016

An ad from the East Mitcham Ratepayers Association magazine, dated October 1932, said that “Dyne’s of Clapham Junction” had acquired the business of the late W. H. Jenner.

October 1932

October 1932

News for Mitcham!
(of Clapham Junction) have acquired the business at 213 LONDON ROAD (Late W. H. Jenner)

Stock Includes


from 2/3 weekly



Official Rudge Sales and Service Depot


Open Sundays Phone—MIT 2435


1. W.H. Jenner was listed in the 1925 street directory at number 5, Buck’s Head Parade.

2. A. & C. Jenner was listed at 5 Buck’s Head Parade in council minutes of 1916 for petroleum licences.

3. “2/3” meant 2 shillings and 3 pence. Decimalised, this is about 11p, and, adjusting for inflation, is equivalent to £7 in 2016.

A photo of a record from the C.P. Dyne shop in Battersea, from Facebook:
CP Dyne Record without name

Ad from 1914 for W. H. Jenner



Sydney Gedge



From the British Newspaper Archives (subscription required)
The Graphic – Saturday 24 July 1886

MR. SYDNEY GEDGE, of Mitcham Hall, Surrey, is the eldest son of the late Rev. Sydney Gedge. He was born in 1829, and educated at King Edward’s School, Birmingham, and at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he took a ” first ” in the Moral Science Tripos. In 1865 he was admitted a solicitor, and in 1871 was elected Solicitor to the London School Board. Mr. Gedge married, in 1857, Augusta, daughter of Robert Herring, Esq., of Cromer.

65 Years Cyclist.

Up to a few years ago, Mr. Sydney Gedge, of Mitcham Hall, who was ninety-one the other day, was wont to ride a tricycle daily through the busiest streets of London. He has cycled for sixty-five years. Can anyone beat his record?

Source: Leeds Mercury – Wednesday 20 October 1920 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

From Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser
4th February 1954

Their names will not be forgotten

The late Mr. Sydney Gedge, of Mitcham Hall, a one-time Member of Parliament and constructor of Mitcham Park, is remembered in Gedge Court on the Baron House Estate opposite his old home.

Merton Memories Photos

On a tricycle at Mitcham Hall
1929 Mitcham Park

Pitcairn Road

Named after Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and his alleged residence at Tooting Old Hall.

Source: pages 33 to 36 Mitcham Histories: 2 North Mitcham, by E.N. Montague

There are two World War 2 bomb damage photos at Merton Memories.

After the war, temporary housing hutments were built near the junction with London Road. In 1954 the council sought to have them demolished

Mitcham Advertiser
4th February 1954

Hutments to be demolished

Mitcham Council have applied to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government for approval of the proposed demolition of the curved asbestos hutments on land in Pitcairn Road, Tooting Junction, at the junction with London Road, “as and when they become vacant”.

1949 OS map

1949 OS map

1952 clip from Merton Memories photo 51777 Copyright London Borough of Merton

1952 clip from Merton Memories photo 51777
Copyright London Borough of Merton

1950 aerial view

1950 aerial view

On the site was built a block of flats called Pitcairn Court.

World War 1 Connections
Lance Corporal Charles Edward Gibbs – MM
Private William John Savage

Rifleman Alfred Watts

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

White Cottage (Lower Green)

Western end of Preshaw Crescent, Lower Green West.

1953 OS Map

From Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser
4th February 1954

Purchase plan rejected

A proposal that Mitcham Council should buy White Cottage, at Lower Green West has been rejected. The borough engineer (Mr Riley Schofield) reported that to convert the house into two flats would cost £1,150 and the borough treasurer (Mr E.C. Clay) has stated that the capital outlay would be in the region of £3,800. The estimated net annual loss would be £139, of the which the Government would pay £104.

Pig Bins

From Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser
4th February 1954

Pig bins to be abolished

Waste food is now ‘unprofitable’

Kitchen waste is no longer to be collected in Mitcham, and the council’s street pig bins are to be removed.

Commenting on this at Thursdays meeting of Mitcham Council, Ald. C. A. Norris (Ind.) congratulated the Public Health Committee on their decision to abolish what he described as “the pig-bin nuisance, and the now unprofitable collection of kitchen waste generally.”


The committee made their decision after receiving a letter from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries stating that the Government had decided that the salvage of waste food by local authorities would in future be on a voluntary basis.

The Minister, the letter continued. was prepared to revoke individual directions for the salvage of kitchen waste should local authorities wish him to do so, although he hoped they would give the matter careful consideration before deciding to disband their waste food services.