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1950 : Glebe Estate Flats construction concern

Mitcham News and Mercury
3rd March, 1950, page 1

Glebe Estate Flats
Scheme “Causing Some Anxiety”

CONCERN at progress on the Glebe Estate where a hundred flats are under construction was expressed by Mitcham’s Housing chairman (Ald. C. A. Norris), at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

“This scheme, ill advised in the first place, seems doomed to failure and is causing us some anxiety,” he said. They hoped the contractor would pull the thing round and give them some units of accommodation.

No-one knew what the rents would be. Figures varying between 45s. to 60s. a week had been mentioned. He hoped there would be enough people on the local housing list willing to pay these high rents.

A report of the Borough Surveyor (Mr. Riley Schofield) states that progress on the site is not satisfactory, but the architect informed him that the position did not warrant the exercise of his power under Clause 19 of the conditions of contract to serve a notice that the contractor was not proceeding with the work with reasonable diligence.

The amount of work had improved considerably during last two months. average weekly value of builders’ work in January including the Christmas holiday was approximately £1,500. The December figure was £1,000 and the highest figure prior this was £900 in August.

Lancaster Gate School of Dancing

Opened at the Majestic Cinema ballroom on 15th December 1950.

Norwood News – Friday 08 December 1950
Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Have pleasure in announcing the opening of their new School at
Fair Green, Mitcham
7 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.
Admission 3/6.
Demonstration by BOB BURGESS and MARGARET BAKER and Finals of Pre-Amateur 4-Dance Contest

Enquiries : ‘Phone BAL. 7308

Byegrove Road

Road off of Colliers Wood High Street that was part of the Mitcham Urban District. Possibly named after the nearby Byegrove House, as shown in this 1865 OS map.

1865 OS map

This 1895 OS map shows houses only on the south side of the road.

1895 OS map

The OS map of 1911 shows houses have since been built on its north side.

1911 OS map

Note also that on the left is Bailey Road, which no longer exists.

From the 1911 street directory, as described from the High Street:

3A, William MASON shopkeeper
………Here is Bailey road………
1 George WATKINS, beer retailer
…… here is public footpath to Wandsworth ……

Croydon Rural District Council Sewage Works
(Henry James SNOOK, farm manager; John Alfred SUTTON, engineer)

…… here is Denison road

Occupants in the 1925 street directory

East Side
2,George RIDOUT
2a,Sidney SMITH
4,Harry JOHNS
6,Walter Edward TRIGGS
6a,Frank GOVER
8,Frederick SUTTON
10a,Edwin JONES
12,William HOLLEY
12a,Ernest BLOW
14,Charles WOODS
14a,Arthur VARRALL
16,Frederick CROSBY
16a,William Charles STEWART
18,Thomas RUSSELL
18a,Harry MITCHELL
20,Frederick Joseph DENNIS
20a,William Isaac FAIR
22,William GILBERT
22a,George RANDALL
24,Thomas PRICE
24a,Henry Samuel HALL
26,Seymour SCOTT
28,Henry TIBBLES
28a,George JONES
30,Gordon James SCRUBY
30a,William BRYANT
32,Herbert Charles LEVISH
34a,Henry GUY
36a,Alfred John SIMONS
38,Frederick William KING
38a,John SPICE
40,Aesbsell PROCKTER
40a,George Arthur WEBB
42,George PETERS
42a,Richard LUCRAFT
44a,Thomas LEWMAN
46,Arthur George CLARKE
46a,Ernest STAPLES
48,Mrs DREW
50,Mrs MARK
52,Ernest FERRIDGE
52a,William GEORGE
54,Alfred Edward RISK
54a,Percy Harold SMITH
56,Edwin Charles WALLER
…. here is Denison rd

West Side
3a, N. SIMS,shopkeeper
…. here is Bailey Road
1,A.E. HELLEWELL ,beer retailer
5,Ernest Edward ROFFEY
7,Arthur PENTLOW
9,Edward James SPICE
11,Archibald HOLLEDGE
13,Charles HAWKINS
15,George BARRETT
17,Henry GARDNER
19,Mrs MEAD
21,Walter ROFFEY
…. here is public footpath to Wandsworth
Wandle ValleySewage Works
(Jolm Alfred Sutton, engnr)

The 1950 OS map shows the house numbering. Note 3A on the corner with Bailey Road, and that the north side are all even.

1950 OS map

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Percy Mayhew

Confectioners, newsagents and stationers, from early 20th century to possibly the late 1960s.

A number of postcards of scenes in Mitcham have his name on them, such as this undated one of London Road.

‘Mayhew’ in bottom left hand corner.

This photo of Preshaw Crescent has ‘Mayhew Mitcham’ on the left and ‘2721 Johns’ on the right, who might have been the photographer.

Preshaw Crescent

This photo of the Blue Houses has ‘Percy Mayhew’ on the left.

Ravensbury Arms and the Blue Houses

There is a collection on Merton Memories.

In the 1919 electoral register, Daisy Maud and Percy Mayhew are listed at number 8, The Parade. In the 1925 street directory, listed as a confectioner at number 4 The Parade, which was renumbered as 231.

Listed in the 1929 Where to shop in Mitcham advert as at 239 and 231 London Road.

This ad, possibly from 1935, shows 237 – 239 London Road:

This ad from 1947 has the Monarch Parade address and refers to the previous address of 237 – 239 London Road.

1947 ad

In the programme for the 1952 Sports and Shopping Week his shop is listed as having contributed a pen and pencil set, worth 13s. 11d., as a prize in the lucky programme number competition. The address of the shop then was 72 Monarch Parade. The shop can just be seen on the right of Davant Ltd (the furniture shop at number 73), in this 1950 Tuck postcard:

1950 Tuck postcard

Listed in the 1954 telephone directory as newsagent, tobacconist, 72 Monarch Parade, London Road, MIT 2478.

Listed in the 1967 edition of the Mitcham Chamber of Commerce Yearbook, but not in the 1969 edition.

Midland Bank branches

In the 1930 commercial directory, a branch was listed at 5 London Road, telephone number Streatham 2170, manager W. H. Bayford.

The branch at 241 London Road opened on 1st July, 1950, as shown in this announcement:

Norwood News – Friday 30 June 1950 Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

clip from c. 1987 photo Mit_​8_​1-29 on Merton Memories, copyright London Borough of Merton

As part of HSBC, this branch closed in 2015/6.

In March 2018 a halal butchers opened at this address.

Baltic Close and Oslo Court

Road and block of flats off northern side of Colliers Wood High Street and built in 1938/9 by Mercer Taylor & Co. At this time the Mitcham borough boundary included this road. Royal Mail postcode lookup shows 16 flats, all with the postcode SW19 2BL.

1950 OS map

The developer wrote to Mitcham Borough Council and suggested that since this road was next to the Victory pub, then the name of the road could be Trafalgar Close or Victory Close. The council disagreed, pointing out there were already similar named roads in the SW19 postal district. The council suggested Baltic Close, and the developer agreed, who suggested that the block of flats be named Oslo Court.

Source: Minutes of the Mitcham Borough Council, 1938-39 volume 5, pages 12 and 127.

Note that the Victory pub has since been renamed a couple of times, and the current (as of Feb 2018) name is the Charles Holden, who was an architect who designed the nearby Colliers Wood underground station.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

1950 : Mitcham Boxing Club’s best bill of the season

From the Mitcham News and Mercury, 27th January, 1950, page 5

Men In Khaki Up From Aldershot

Men in khaki from the Aldershot area came to Mitcham Baths on Wednesday of last week to provide Mitcham Boxing Club’s best bill of the season. Programme ended at 11 p.m. after 16 bouts, and there were still more lined up.

Ironically, pride of place for the evening must go to a loser. Thirty-five-years-old Pte. DOWDLEISH (A.C.C.) made his first appearance in the ring for five years, and found himself opposite the heavy-shouldered, hard-punching Ron KENCHINGTON (Earlsfield). Using a foxy cleverness born of experience, and snatching a breather whenever possible, he stayed out of trouble, but could not completely hold a determined Kenchington. Dowdleish, in defence, gave glimpses of an attractive boxing past.

Harry DUFFIN (Earlsfield) smashed his way to a points victory over Pte. GIBSON (R.A.S.C.). as the last bell sounded he pulled the limp soldier off the ropes and led him to his corner.

L-Cpl. W. BOWDERY (Mitcham and 14-20th Hussars) dominated the last two rounds of his bout with Cpl. SLOANE (R.A.O.C.), and it was stopped in the last round, with the Ordnance man reeling around the ring.

Mitcham’s Alf BLACKIE launched a series of right-hand punches to the head in an attempt to swing the decision in his bout with A. HUNT (Caius), but failed narrowly.

Bouncing Stan WARD (Earlsfield), with his piston-like left hand, out-pointed a tearway Cpl. WOOD (R.A.O.C.). Despite going down in the first round, Ward weathered a stormy two-fisted attack to win convincingly.

The crossed-arm defence of L-Cpl. Peter HARRIS (Earlsfield and K.R.R.C.) was not sufficient to prevent him losing on points to L-Cpl. CLARKE (R.E.). Clarke was guilty of a little accidental low punching, but both men finished on the best of terms.

Results on points: Sgt. WOOD (1st Para. Bn.) bt J. HICKS (Mitcham); A.C. R. PATCHING (Mitcham and R.A.F.) bt. Sapper HERBERT (R.E.); D. TAFFURELLI (canterbury and Lilleshall) bt Rfn. MORGAN (K.R.R.C.); Pte. BARTON (R.A.O.C.) bt W.T. BOWDERY (Mitcham); Pte. HUNTER (A.C.C.) bt W. SEALE (Mitcham); Pte. EVANS (S.L.I.) bt R. MOORE (Coulsdon and Purley); G. COUSINS (Earlsfield) bt Pte. TERENCE (R.A.O.C.); H. LEWIS (Earlsfield) bt Pte. DAGLEISH (A.C.C.); Pte. MURRAY (R.A.O.C.) bt E. RANDALL (Mitcham).

L-Col. CLARKE (R.E.) bt P. McCARTHY (Coulsdon), with McCarthy disqualified in the last round for lying on his man.