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N.M.I.A. Hall, Woodland Way

Called the North Mitcham Hall by the North Mitcham Improvement Association, or N.M.I.A., this building stood at number 51 Woodland Way, close to the junction with Ashbourne Road. There was also a pavilion, with two hard and three grass tennis courts

1949 OS map

1949 OS map

Clip from 1939 photo of the North Mitcham Hall from Merton Memories photo 49676 (c) London Borough of Merton

Clip from 1939 photo of the North Mitcham Hall from Merton Memories photo 49676 (c) London Borough of Merton

22nd February 1949 - the first play by the North Mitcham Players, held at the NMIA's North Mitcham Hall

22nd February 1949 – the first play by the North Mitcham Players, held at the NMIA’s North Mitcham Hall

example of event at the hall and grounds

example of event at the hall and grounds

The hall was built by Joseph Owen, who lived at 89 Ashbourne Road.

Demolished in 2015/6 and redeveloped.

Girdlers Radio Ltd

Radio and television shop started by Edward Girdler.

In the 1930 commercial directory, and the 1933 ad shown below, his shop was at 245 London Road, Mitcham, which was part of The Parade, the Edwardian shops between the Fair Green and the telephone exchange.

In the 1952 Chambers of Commerce, the address for Girdlers Radio Ltd is 293 Mitcham Road, Tooting. See the ad on the front cover of the North Mitcham Improvement Association below.

1950 OS map

1950 OS map

1933 ad

1933 ad

Text of ad:





PHILIPS 4 VALVE, 2 S.G., ELECTRIC 16 Gns. CASH or 18 monthly payments of 19/7.

This is the electrical age, and an electrical gift is the most useful and acceptable gift. We have in stock countless Shades, Standards. Fittings. Irons, Fires, Radio Sets, etc. at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.

We shall be pleased to make suggestions and help you in every possible way.

August 1950 front cover of The Sentinel magazine of the North Mitcham Improvement Association

August 1950 front cover of The Sentinel magazine of the North Mitcham Improvement Association

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Grenfell Road

Road off west side of London Road, south of Tooting Station.

1950 OS Map

1950 OS Map

The road was made up in 1902. From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council, Volume 8, 1902 to 1903, 18th September 1902, page 394:

Grenfell Road Tenders

The Council opened and considered the undermentioned tenders received for the making up, forming, kerbing, and metalling of Grenfell Road, Mitcham:-

Stockwell & Co., Bromley = £600 8s.
Adams, T., Wood Green, London = £527
Iles, E., Mitcham = £476
Free & Sons, Maidenhead = £454
Wheeler, W., Southwark, S.E. = £336

Resolved, That the tender of Mr. E. Iles, of Mitcham, be accepted, and that the necessary bond be entered into in accordance of conduct.

A water trough outside the Gorringe Park Hotel was in the way of this however, as can be seen from the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council, Volume 8, 1902 to 1903, Road and Buildings Committee, 20th November 1902, page 571:

The Surveyor reported that in order to complete the work of making up Grenfell Road it had become necessary to remove an obstructive water trough erected in connection with the Gorringe Park Hotel. The Owners of the Hotel (Messrs. Young & Co.) stated that the water trough was the property of the tenant, who, however, had refused to remove it.

—The Committee instructed the Surveyor to formally call upon the tenant of the Hotel to remove the water trough.

From the 1915 street directory:

from London Road to Bruce Road


2, Daniel KERWOOD, confectioner
Snelling & Gathercote Ltd. concrete slab manufacturers

… here is Bruce Road …


1, John C. HUGHES
3, Mrs KNAPP, wardrobe dealer
15, Raphael SHIREWITZ, ladies’ and gents’ tailors
25, Joseph WILSON, estate office

… here is Sirdar Road …

27, F. BOWDITCH, confectioner
29, Sydney HANNAM, fried fish shop
31, Hill House Laundry
33, David MORRIS, dairy
35, William TYRELL, butcher
36, Walter SWEET, oil and color man
39, Peter HEARN, greengrocer

World War 1 Connections
Private Henry Frederick Boston
Private Percy George ROE
Private John THURLOW
Serjeant Hubert William WATTS

Ad for Wainberg’s of number 3, Grenfell Road : Shoe maker and repairer.

June 1949 ad

June 1949 ad

From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council
Volume IX 1903 – 1904
23rd April 1903
page 68

No. 2483, Wilson, J., 8 shops and tenement houses, Grenfell Road, Mitcham

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Grand Parade, Streatham Road

1949 OS map and 1920 ads/1925 street directory

1949 OS map and 1920 ads, with 1925 street directory

Parade of shops on the east side of Streatham Road consisting of eleven shops between Caithness Road and Park Avenue, and four more from the southern corner of Park Avenue.

Mentioned in 1920 adverts as ‘Grand Parade’, the numbering was from north to south, 1 to 15, which was then numbered as 121 to 93 in the 1925 street directory. In the OS map of 1949, the numbers are 221 to 193, as they are in 2016.

This ad for J Brewer at number 217 shows that the final renumbering occurred between 1925 and 1938.



Merton Memories photo of 1930 shows the parade from corner of Caithness Road looking south.

Occupants from 1911 Commercial Directory

Number Occupier Trade
1 Percy Beard wine & spirit merchant
2 Thomas James Mills laundry
4 Jas. Benj. Austin grocer,& post office
5 Thomas George oil & color man
6 James Pigg dairy
9 Edward Huntley & Sons house & estate agents
10 Edward Arthur Jesson newsagent
12 Albert Keirle baker
13 Thomas George Humphrey Palmer ironmonger
14 Miss Babette Reiss confectioner

In the 1915 directory, Raoul Chabauty is listed as a draper at 11, Grand Parade, and in the 1925 director as draper at 101 Streatham Road. This implies that the first renumbering was between 1915 and 1925.

World War 1 Connections
Able Seaman Walter Thomas Edmonds

Private Peter F Lawton

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Gladstone Road

No longer exists. The Sadler Close housing estate was built over it, the name being kept for one of the blocks, Gladstone House.

The Mission Hall seen in the map of 1952 was opened in 1939, see Merton Memories.

From Croydon Rural District Authority Minutes read in the Local Studies Centre at Croydon library, the following plans were approved:

– Mr JM Pitt of Mitcham to erect four houses Gladstone Road, Mitcham

Youth Club details in 1949 Youth Handbook.

World War 1 Connections
Private William Richard Angliss

Private Henry James Collins

Private Harry George Sheppard

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Mitcham Athletic Club

From the Mitcham Youth Handbook of 1949


This nationally famous Athletic Club, numbering many Olympic and international athletes among its members, has a considerable youth section. It gives coaching to young athletes and runs a scholar-ship scheme by which promising youngsters are given free membership of the Club for a year. During the summer meetings are all out-doors at the News of the World track on Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Monday evenings. During the winter meetings are held on Thursday evenings from 8.0 to 10.0 p.m. in Bond Road School. The Club organises games activities as well as athletics and enters a team in the Youth Council netball league. Club members assist at nearly every sports meeting held in the area. Enquiries to the Secretary, Mr. L. E. Oliver, 33 Burleigh Avenue, Wallington.

Source: Local Studies Centre, Morden Library, Civic Centre, Morden.
Reference: L2 (369) MIT

Getty Photographs

News Articles


Miss Dorothy Proctor, of the Middlesex Ladies’ Athletic Club, and British quarter mile champion in 1827, was married on Saturday, at St. George’s Church, Headstone Middlesex, to Mr. Norman Gunn, who was half-mile champion of Surrey last year. Mr. Gunn is a brother of Miss Muriel Gunn, now Mrs. Cornell, of the Mitcham Athletic Club, the women’s long-jump champion of the world.

Source: Shepton Mallet Journal – Friday 21 December 1928 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

Mitcham Youth Handbook of 1949

Produced by the Mitcham Youth Council.

1949 Mitcham Youth Handbook cover

Youth Organisations listed in the handbook

the Major
Alderman G. W. PEARCE

THIS booklet contains Youth Organisations that exist in Mitcham. They are all worth your consideration. Whether you are a girl or a boy, there is always an organisation that will suit your taste. Don’t go through life without a goal in view, something to aim for, something to create, someone to help. The happy person is the active one.

You have probably been told that you are the citizens of tomorrow, the citizens who will build and rule this Borough, even this Country; that is perfectly true, and the results depend upon your mode of life at this time. Most of you have experienced World War 2 – do you want to see that happen again? Of course not! But if you and thousands like you do not take an active interest in the every-day happenings of life, then anything can happen. Don’t be apathetic, don’t leave it all to the other fellow. It is your life to make or mar, see you make the best of it. I would recommend the Boy Scouts’ motto: “Be prepared.”

Be prepared to help yourself; stand upon your own feet; be prepared to help the other chap – there is fun and satisfaction in that; and he prepared to take whatever life has to offer, cheerfully. Respect your parents and those in authority. Remember your Bible and all it stands for.

33 Ashtree Avenue, Mitcham.


Executive Committee

Chairman: Mr. A. J. Doig, B.A.
Secretary: Mr. G. A. Saunders
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. T. W. Twiggs

Mr. Edmund Clark, Gladstone Mission
Mr. J. A. Cocks, A.D.C. Scouts
Alderman East, Mitcham Borough Council
Dr. (Mrs.) Evans
Councillor D. Gifford, School Governors
Miss F. Mizen, D.C. Guides
Mr. J. N. Noall, National Union of Teachers
Rev. C. Richardson, Church of the Ascension
Mrs. P. Stone, Alpha Youth Club
Youth Employment Officer
Youth Officer, Mr. T. Baptie

Youth Office – Western Road County Secondary School,
Western Road,
Telephone: MITcham 4955


IN supplying this Brochure for the use of the young men and women of Mitcham, the Youth Council hopes that it will prove a valuable help to the various organisations and clubs in doing their work. The Council hopes that boys and girls, on leaving school, will join the clubs best suited to them, and that they will find that, in addition to these clubs giving them games, and many other activities, they will be able by their example and work to do something for Mitcham youth and for Mitcham as a whole, and that they will always feel themselves called upon to do something of service for others.


The Service of Youth is a part of the educational system of the county. It is not a “Youth Movement” but a partnership between voluntary youth organisations and the Local Education Authority to assist and extend the work that was done for many years by the voluntary organisations alone. Service of Youth means service to youth in welfare, recreation and education, but, equally important, it fosters service by youth to the community.

Mitcham Youth Council consists of representatives of all the youth organisations in the Borough who have affiliated to the Council, representatives of the Education Authority, the Borough Council, the teaching profession, the Evening Institutes, and persons interested in the welfare of youth. The Council meets quarterly and elects its own Executive Committee to carry on the day to day work of the Council. Acting through its full-time Youth Officer, it assists organisations by organising the training of leaders and members, by acting as a link between the organisations and the education authority, and by providing information and advice to organisations. It passes applications for grant aid for equipment and premises to the County Youth Committee. It provides the services of specialist instructors, the free use of school premises for youth activities and lends equipment to units of organisations which it would not be practicable for then to own themselves. The Council. also organises annual contests, which include table tennis, netball, cricket and football leagues, athletic sports, swimming gala, drama festival, and this year is organising a photographic competition and a quiz competition for the first time.

Affiliation to the Youth Council is to the advantage of all youth organisations. This does not mean that the Council exerts any control over them: it does mean that they are in touch with all matters affecting youth in the Borough. All affiliated organisations are represented on the Youth Council and receive information on all matters of importance to youth. The services of the Youth Officer are available to all youth organisations whether affiliated or not, but the authority is expressly debarred giving assistance which involves expenditure of public funds to organisations of a political nature.

The Handbook is published in the hope that young people who are not members of any organisation will be encouraged on reading it to seek membership of one or other of the organisations listed, and to take advantage of the educational and recreative facilities offered. It is hoped that the handbook will also serve as a useful work of reference for those engaged in the Service of Youth.

The co-operation of all organisations is requested in keeping the list as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Corrections and additional information will be welcomed.

Information of any kind about youth work will be willingly given. to any bodies or individuals upon enquiry at the Youth Office, Western Road School, Mitcham. Telephone: MITcham 4955.

Source: Local Studies Centre, Morden Library, Civic Centre, Morden.
Reference: L2 (369) MIT