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N.M.I.A. Hall, Woodland Way

Called the North Mitcham Hall by the North Mitcham Improvement Association, or N.M.I.A., this building stood at number 51 Woodland Way, close to the junction with Ashbourne Road. There was also a pavilion, with two hard and three grass tennis courts

1949 OS map

1949 OS map

Clip from 1939 photo of the North Mitcham Hall from Merton Memories photo 49676 (c) London Borough of Merton

Clip from 1939 photo of the North Mitcham Hall from Merton Memories photo 49676 (c) London Borough of Merton

22nd February 1949 - the first play by the North Mitcham Players, held at the NMIA's North Mitcham Hall

22nd February 1949 – the first play by the North Mitcham Players, held at the NMIA’s North Mitcham Hall

example of event at the hall and grounds

example of event at the hall and grounds

The hall was built by Joseph Owen, who lived at 89 Ashbourne Road.

Demolished in 2015/6 and redeveloped.

Bridge Road

Road that was off east, or right-hand, side of Christchurch Road, opposite Runnymede. It was closed in 1966.

In this 1952 OS map, the road is shown with a single terrace of eleven houses on the north side, numbered sequentially 1 to 11.

1952 OS map

1952 OS map

Aerial photo from 1947 shows the row of houses on the left side of the road.

29th April 1947 from Britain From Above

29th April 1947 from Britain From Above

Aerial photo from 1949 shows the road looking to the west. The dome atop the tower on the right was Frys Metals factory.

19th March 1949 from Britain From Above

19th March 1949 from Britain From Above

It is not mentioned in the 1891 street directory, but does have an entry in the 1911 commercial directory:

1, Harry Isaac CAVENDER, picture frame maker

and in the 1915 directory:

1, Henry BRYANT, confectioner

The road was closed in 1966:

Bridge Road is to be closed down

Bridge Road, a cul-de-sac off Christchurch Road, Mitcham is to be closed. Merton Council have given planning permission to Frys Metal Foundries Ltd., for redevelopment which involves the closing of the road.

The road was originally the principle means of access to residential properties which have since been demolished. It now serves the factory premises only.


The council agreed to give permission provided the council’s right of adequate access to the public sewers were preserved.

Also provided that the owner of the factory should take over the responsibility for the street lamps and cables in the road, and also bear any costs incurred in closing the road.

Frys have also offered land near Bridge Road to the council free of charge for the proposed widening of Christchurch Road. The offer has been accepted.

Source: Mitcham News & Mercury, 13th May, 1966, page 1.

Occupants in 1939

1, Leonard Douglas and Elizabeth HAYNES
2, Mary Jane and Rosa FISK
3, William Charles and Alice Louisa and Christopher ADAMS
4, James and Maude BURLING
5, Robert and Gertrude MARSHALL
6, Alfred and Mabel Frances FORD
7, Robert and Doris May TAYLOR; Edith Mahala FRISWELL
8, James Alfred and Sarah Ellen DURLING
9, Henry William and Rose Florence and Florance DALTON
10, Ernest John and Flora BURLING
11, Charles Walter and Susan FRANCIS

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Latham, Brown & Co., Ltd.

326 Western Road
Merton, SW19

Paint and Varnish

Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

1921 Britain From Above

1921 Britain From Above

1939 Pathe Newsreel demonstration, believed to be at Latham’s (the word LATHAM can be seen on a vehicle in the background.)

Newspaper Articles


Latham — Waterhouse.

—On the 3rd inst., at Christ Church, Totland Bay, Fredk. Gilmour, son of the late Wm. Latham, of the Varnish Works, Merton, Surrey, to Ellen Louise, only daughter of Thos. Waterhouse, of Alum Bay, I.W.

Source: Hampshire Chronicle – Saturday 12 April 1884 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

See also the story of Private Stanley Latham.

Gladstone Road

No longer exists. The Sadler Close housing estate was built over it, the name being kept for one of the blocks, Gladstone House.

The Mission Hall seen in the map of 1952 was opened in 1939, see Merton Memories.

From Croydon Rural District Authority Minutes read in the Local Studies Centre at Croydon library, the following plans were approved:

– Mr JM Pitt of Mitcham to erect four houses Gladstone Road, Mitcham

Youth Club details in 1949 Youth Handbook.

World War 1 Connections
Private William Richard Angliss

Private Henry James Collins

Private Harry George Sheppard

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

The Canons Minutes – Purchase of Land

Purchase of Land.

Read letter from the Ministry of health stating that as the Minister is satisfied that as the council were committed to the purchase of land adjoining “The Canons” he authorises the council to exercise borrowing powers conferred upon them by the consent of July 23, 1939.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 6 1939 to 1940, page 60

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Henry Harwood

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Friday 24 March 1939


Inquest on Mr. Henry Harwood, Mitcham

The Coroner’s Inquiry into the circumstances of the death of Mr. Henry Harwood, aged eighty-two, of 11, Lower Green East. Mitcham, which was adjourned for a week to enable an eye witness of the accident to attend, was resumed in Mitcham Town Hall on Tuesday by Dr W.J. Lord, who sat with a jury.

Mr. Harwood, a six-foot upright man, famed for his walking powers, was returning home from a walk at 6.15 p.m. on Monday. March 6th. when he was struck by a motor cycle combination at the comer of Madeira and Cranmer roads, opposite the Catholic Church. The evidence on Tuesday showed that he was standing on the white safety line in the centre of mouth of Madeira road when the machine approached, and then suddenly started to cross the rest of the road front of the combination.

The only witness, apart from the driver of the combination, answered a broadcast appeal. His evidence differed from that of the motorist to some extent. He described the fall of the body graphically by saying it sounded like the dropping of “a bag of wet clay.”

Mr. Harwood, a very much esteemed native of Mitcham, who had lived on the edge of the Green where he was killed most of his life, died in Wilson Hospital on Friday, March 10th.

Miss Mary Ann Harwood told the Court that her brother was a great walker. He was returning from a walk when the accident happened. He wore glasses for reading only, but he was very deaf.

William John McGuckin, 26, Byron-gardens, Sutton, said he was riding a pedal cycle from the direction of London-road along Lower Green East when a motor cycle combination came behind him and turned into Madeira-road.

Coroner — Did you notice the speed? — No, sir. It seemed reasonable. Witness looked round to the left and saw the machine crash into a man. who appeared to be crossing to the Green from the opposite side. The man dropped into the road with a sound like the dropping of a bag of wet clay. Did you see anything of the pedestrian before the accident?— No. sir. It was just getting dark. He couldn’t say whether the street lamps were lit. Did you hear any sound of horn? —No.

Witness added that he saw the motor combination hardly a second before the accident occurred. It was on its proper side of the road. The man had apparently just stepped off the near side kerb, and the machine was close to him when struck him. P.-c. Gibb said he examined the road after the accident, and found no sign of brake marks. P.-c. Cox said the man was lying on the white safety line. Eric John Redhead, aged twenty-nine, of 208. Devonshire-way, Shirley, told the Court that he was driving his motor cycle combination towards Croydon from Lower Green East, and was making for Madeira-road. No one was in the side-car. His speed was about twenty-five miles an hour. The old man was standing on the white line facing towards witness, who slowed down for him to cross the road, but he did not do so. He was still standing there when the combination got into the entrance to Madeira road. As witness thought he was waiting for him to pass, witness accelerated to get past. When witness was almost level with him he suddenly started to cross, and virtually walked into the side of the machine. His head struck that of witness, and he fell backwards on the right-hand side of the combination. The machine was pulled up in about nine feet. The street lights were on and on that particular corner they were good. His own lights were not on.

Dr. Edward Stewart, Wilson Hospital, said Mr. Harwood was unconscious when admitted, verv seriously injured. Dr. G. T. Ruston, Weybridge said the post-mortem examination showed abrasions on the right side of the scalp, and bruising over the right shoulder. The right leg was fractured twelve inches above the heel due to contact with the footguard of the motor cycle. Four ribs on the right side of the chest were broken, and the base of the skull was fractured. All the injuries were consistent with the driver’s evidence. Death was due to the fracture of the skull and multiple injuries. His organs generally were in good condition for a man of his age. His bones were not as brittle as one generally found in men so old. A verdict of accidental death was returned, and the driver was exonerated.

1939 Auction Queens Road etc

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Friday 17 March 1939

Have been instructed to offer by Auction at the Greyhound Hotel, Croydon, on TUESDAY, 28th MARCH, at 6.30 p.m., The following properties.

9. ASCOT ROAD. TOOTING JUNCTlON.—Attractive centrally situated Villa producing £65 gross. Lease 67 years

2. MADEIRA ROAD, MITCHAM Residence, facing Common. Producing £91 gross.


13. BELGRAVE ROAD. MITCHAM. Shop, House and Stabling, producing £91 p.a. gross.


Catalogues from the Auctioneers: Upper Green, Mitcham; 781 London Road. ThorntonHeath. ’Phones: MIT. 0808. THO. 1361.