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Surrey Arms coat of arms

Photo taken 2016. The pub sign is no longer hanging from its frame on the pub sign post.

Photo taken 2016. There are two coat of arms signs on the flanking walls of the pub building.

The coat of arms displayed on the walls of the Surrey Arms pub are for the county of Surrey. These arms were in use from 8th August 1934, and were replaced on September 20, 1974.

The description or blazon of these arms :

Per pale Azure and Sable a Fess per pale Ermine and Or in chief a representation of the Crown of King Edgar proper and a Sprig of Oak fructed Argent.

King Edgar, as well as several other Saxon kings, were crowned in Kingston. The ermine underneath the crown is from the arms of the Borough of Richmond. When Kingston and Richmond became part of Greater London, they left Surrey and so these arms were changed.

The sprig of oak and the colours azure and sable (blue and black) have been retained on the current arms for Surrey, see the Heraldry of the World website.


Woodland Way

Road off west side of Streatham Road, which runs south from Ashbourne Road and bends westward to Edenvale Road.

The road was started early 1920s. The 1921 electoral register shows two houses, named Elm View and Shalimar.

Elm View, Charles and Catherine WILSON; Cordelia REES
Shalimar, Lionel Thomas PAY

The 1925 street directory describes the road from 123 Ashbourne Road:

West Side
21 Mrs C.E. REES
23 Captain Ivor THOMAS

The 1927 electoral shows

21, Catherine WILSON; Cordelia and Malan REES
23, Tuda Iver Griffith THOMAS

The 1935 electoral register lists odd numbers 1 to 53, and even numbers 2 to 60.

This 1949 OS map shows the road, including the North Mitcham Improvement Association Hall.

1949 OS map

1949 OS map

News Articles
1923 burglary of Miss Cordelia Rhys (presumably the same Cordelia Rees in the electoral registers)

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Prince Georges Road

Road off east side of junction of Christchurch Road and Church Road, opposite Liberty Avenue. It was within the Mitcham Urban District although as letters were delivered from Merton, it acquired a SW19 post code.

In the 1891 street directory it was listed as Prince of Wales Road, probably in connection with the nearby Prince of Wales pub.

Prince of Wales road (Merton)
from Merton Lane
William Croft, pig dealer
Walter Shepherd, pig dealer
Henry Davison, pig dealer
Benjamin Bolton, pig dealer
Stephen Holloway, pig dealer
Charles Leaver, pig dealer
George Thatcher, pig dealer
Joseph Randall, pig dealer
Singlegate Schools

1895 OS map

1895 OS map

In this 1895 map, it is shown as Prince’s Road.

1911 OS map

1911 OS map

The 1915 directory shows 2 pig dealers:

Prince’s Road (Merton)
from Western Road


Singlegate Council Schools
(girls & infants)

3 Robert Davison, pig dealer
11 William Whittick, pig dealer

The road led to land that used by London colleges as playing fields, as shown in the 1930 Commercial Directory:

Battersea & Chelsea Polytechnics, athletic ground, Princes rd. T N 0852
The Esco Sports & Social Club (A. P. Lawson, sec. ),Princes rd
James Ferguson & Sons Ltd. ebonite dust mfrs. Princes rd. T A “ Nestorius, Toot; ” T N 2283

Which has led to the names of the business parks College Fields, at the eastern end of Prince Georges Road and Chelsea Fields, off Western Road.

The name of this road was changed after a request by the London County Council. They said that there were 10 Prince’s Roads in the LCC area with 4 of these were in the SW19 district. The Borough of Mitcham decided in 1934 to change Princes Road to Prince Georges Road.

1952 OS map

1952 OS map

Eveline Villas

Two terraces, each of five shops with flats above, on the west side of London Road, divided by Eveline Road, which is at the junction with Streatham Road and Locks Lane.

In the 1915 street directory, the houses were shown as numbered from south to north: from 1 to 5 and then 6 to 10:

1, Ernest McINTYRE, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Lond., physician & surgeon (surgery)
2, William Henry CURTIS
3, Thomas Henry BAND
4, Ernest Alfred ARTHUR
6, Henry Thomas HENCHER
9, Mrs COOK
10, Charles Alexander HURRELL

(Occupant for number 5 wasn’t given in the 1915 directory.)

In the 1925 street directory:

1, Miss L. FROUDE, confectioner
2, Ernest REEVE, butcher
3, J.W. AUSTIN & Son, provision dealers
5, Sidney BOREHAM
6, Charles LATHAM
7, William DRAKEFORD
9, Ernest Alfred ARTHUR
10, William Arthur BLEACH

(Occupant for number 4 wasn’t given in the 1925 directory.)

Between 1925 and 1930, these houses were renumbered as part of London Road, north to south, 154 to 162, and 164 to 172.

In the 1930 commercial directory, the shop on the north corner with Eveline Road, originally numbered 6 Eveline Villas, is shown as no. 162 London Road:

The Swan Radio Co., wireless dealers, 162 London Road. Telephone 4009

1934 ad

1934 ad

1951 OS Map

1951 OS Map

There are two Merton Memories Photos from 1929, one looking north, the other, to the south.

World War 1 Connections
Private Francis Norton Drakeford

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

W A BLEACH of 1 Eveline Villas, aged 39 Years 10 Months, Carpenter. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Middlesex Regiment.

W S WHITE of 3 Eveline Villas, aged 33 Years 2 Months, Glazier. Conscripted on 10 May 1917 to the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Garden Avenue

Road off eastern side of Streatham Road. South of Melrose Avenue and north of Elmhurst Avenue.

The road was marked out on this 1913 map, but no houses have been built yet. The 1915 street directory lists houses on side as numbered even from 2 to 80, and on the other side, odd numbers from 1 to 65.

undated postcard of Garden Avenue

1913 OS map

1913 OS map

1934 OS map

1934 OS map

World War 1 Connections
Private R E Chappell

Private G C Cobbold

Private Christopher Douglas Elphick

Rifleman Maurice Henry Gower

Lance Corporal Victor Lunn

Private George Joseph Senyard

Air Mechanic 1st Class Leslie Charles De Courcy Thompson

Private Eric Williams

From the Military Service Tribunals:

Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 22nd February, 1918
Mitcham Tribunal

Mr H.A. Mawe, age 36, C3, married, order clerk, of Garden-avenue, Mitcham, said he was in a delicate state of health. If taken from civil life he would be compelled to go into hospital. He had already been discharged from the Army.

Six months’ exemption.

S.L. Gaston, U.D.C. chairman and Mitcham Borough Mayor in 1938, lived at number 2.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

1934 Charter Day Beakers

On Wednesday, 19th September, 1934, school children were given a day off to watch the Mitcham Charter Day Parade. Each child was also given a lavender blue china mug.

The coat of arms for the newly formed Borough of Mitcham was on one side of the beaker.

Image reproduced by kind permission of Lloyd Pocock, from the website Ashtead Pottery

Image reproduced by kind permission of Lloyd Pocock, from the website Ashtead Pottery

On the other side was written:

Charter Year

Image reproduced by kind permission of Lloyd Pocock, from the website Ashtead Pottery

Image reproduced by kind permission of Lloyd Pocock, from the website Ashtead Pottery

The beakers were made by the Ashtead Pottery, which had been in business since 1923.