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The Cottage Laundry

Laundry on Streatham Road, north of corner with Graham Avenue.

1911 OS Map

1911 OS Map

Listed in the 1911 commercial directory as:

S. L. Munday & Son, laundry, The Cottage laundry, Streatham road, Upper Mitcham

The size of the business can be seen when Mrs S.L. Munday goes to the Mitcham Military Service Tribunal as reported on 22nd February, 1918

Mrs. S. L. Munday, a widow, carrying on a laundry business, asked for exemption of her son, her manager. Owing to her age, it was impossible for her to carry on. She employed one hundred women, and had between three and four hundred customers. Her son’s health was not good. She had released eight men for military service, and had only appealed for this one. He was passed C8.

The Chairman: The position is exactly the same as last ?

Conditional exemption was granted.

The 1915 electoral register lists Selina Louisa MUNDAY living at Russelton, Graham Avenue.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

1918 Queens Road

Occupants of Queens Road, Mitcham in 1918, from the electoral registers.

Odd numbers, south side

1, Alice Elizabeth and Arthur HEALEY
3, Emma Elizabeth and Frederick Henry PENNELL
5, Edith Elizabeth and Lewis James BLOCK
7, Jane and Joseph MUNT
9, Sarah Ann and Thomas GOOD
11, Alice and William HETHERINGTON
13, Walter DIGHTON
15, Elizabeth and George SEALY
17, Clara and Frederick SEMANTS
21, Rebecca JAMES
23, Harriett KING
25, Matthew MARNEY
27, Minnietta JAMES
29, Annie AYRES
31, Esther and Matthew BRAZIL
33, William DAVIS
35, Alfred and Ocean JAMES
37, Alice and William Edward BOXALL
37, Lavinia and William Collins
39, Dorothy and Richard John CHAPMAN
41, Ethel and Luke Francis WHITEMAN
43, Kate and Charles ALLEN
45, Mabel and George COOK
47, Adelaide and William Frederick HOOKINS
51, Caroline Elizabeth and Albert MUNT

Even numbers, north side

2, Jane and Oliver Compton CRESSWELL
6, Christina and Richard Samuel BULL
8, George JELLY
8, Louisa and John NOVELL
10, Annie and George Thomas JARDINE
12, Alice and Robert MARA
14, Sarah and William JELLY
16, Annie and Edward DIXIE
22, Rebecca and Matthew MARNEY
24, Victoria Helen and Archer BLOCK
26, Mabel and Henry SALLIS
28, Fanny and Jack KINGETT
30, Jesse and Emily ADAWAY
32, Emily and William ACKERMAN
34, Adelaide and Thomas Arthur NEWSOM
36, Emily BOWERS
38, Elizabeth & David DALE
40, Florence and Tom JORDAN
42, Walter MUNT
44, Maud and Walter BOWERS
46, Ada Caroline and Charles BROOKS
48, Florence Baxter and George Thomas JEAL
50, Mary Ann and Joseph MUNT
52, Elizabeth and James SWANSBURY
54, Ada May and Herbert George TRUELOVE
56, Richard PHAROAH

A. & C. Jenner, Ltd.

Clarendon Works
5 Commonside East

Listed in the Borough of Mitcham List of Factories as General Engineers
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library. Reference L2 (670) MIT

This ad from 1973 shows that the firm was part of the Marryat Group.

From the 1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades courtesy of Graces Guide:

Jenner, A. & C.,
Clarendon Works,
Phone : Mitcham 831
T/A : Jenner, Engineers, Mitcham.

War Work

Screw gauges. Plug and ring gauges. Press tools. Jigs and small machine tools. Millwrighting.

Pre-War Work

Press tools. Repairs to machine tools and millwrighting. General motor work. Grinding work.

Employees : Male 30, Female 0.

In 1915, Alfred and Charles Jenner lived in separate houses in nearby Clarendon Grove.

In the 1911 commercial directory:

Jenner, Alfred & Charles, mechanical engineers, Common side east

1918 Elementary Schools

From 1918 street directory

A School Committee of 12 members was formed in 1903, increased to 18 in 1912.

Chairman, Alfred Mizen c.c
Clerk to the Committee, William Junes Dickisson, 37 Church road, Mitcham
School Medical Officer, T. Henry Jones M.D, C.M. Edin., D.P.H.
camb. 13 Penrhyn road, Kingston-on-Thames
Attendance Officer, C. W. Sanders, 42 Albert road, Mitcham

Fortescue road (boys, girls & infants), erected in 1911 for 330 boys, 330 girls & 300 infants; Harry J. Davis, master; Miss Annie Fawcett, mistress; Miss Elizabeth Freshwater, infants’ mistress

Gorringe Park, built in 1907, & enlarged in 1911, for 330 boys, 360 girls & 300 infants; manual instruction & cookery & domestic centre; Robert Thomas Jones, master; Miss Emily Fagg, mistress; Miss Sarah Ellen Waddington, infants’ mistress

Links, erected in 1912, for 350 boys, 330 girls & 300 infants ; Martin A. Fayers F.R.H.S. master; Miss S. Blake, mistress ; Miss Maria Marlow, infants’ mistress

Lower Mitcham, Church road, built in 1897, for 280 boys, 280 girls & 320 infants & enlarged in 1913 for 380 boys, 880 girls & 320 infants; John D. Clarke, master; Miss Annie Roes, mistress; Miss Ellen Smith, infants’ mistress

Lonesome, East fields (mixed), erected in 1903, for 258 children; Miss Edith H. Magee, mistress

Singlegate, Christchurch rood (boys), erected in 1911, for 360; (girls), erected in 1897 & enlarged in 1907, for 350; (infants), erected in 1874 & enlarged in 1897 & 1907, for 350 ; Archibald W. Dall B.A.Lond, master; Miss F. K. Taylor L.L.A. mistress; Miss Mary Edwards, infants’ mistress

Upper Mitcham, built in 1884, enlarged in 1912, for 330 girls & 340 infants; boys’, erected in 1896 & removed in 1912 to new building for 350, on Commonside east; George R. Waters, master; Miss Amy Sophia Beddoe, mistress; Miss Jessie Hunt, infants’ mistress

Lower Mitcham, Catholic (mixed) erected about 1867 & enlarged in 1807, for 148 children; Miss Elizabeth Davey, mistress

Douglas Walter Drewett

From Commonwealth War Grave Commision: Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Drewett, of “Ravensbury,” Mitcham; husband of Margaret Rose Drewett, of “Montrose,” Upper Green, Mitcham, Surrey.

Private Drewett, no. S/22909, died 3rd October 1918, aged 35. He was with the Cameron Highlanders 1st Bn. He is buried in Grand-Seraucourt British Cemetery.

There is an inscription for him on a family gravestone n the parish churchyard.

Lower Mitcham School

Now Benedict Primary School, Benedict Road.

Described in the 1918 street directory :

Lower Mitcham, Church road, built in 1897, for 280 boys, 280 girls & 320 infants & enlarged in 1913 for 380 boys, 880 girls & 320 infants; John D. Clarke, master; Miss Annie Roes, mistress; Miss Ellen Smith, infants’ mistress

1899, Mr Harber, Headmaster
1899, Mr Hossack, Assistant Master
1918, Mr John D. Clarke, Headmaster
1918, Miss Annie Roes, Mistress
1918, Miss Ellen Smith, Infants’ Mistress
1926, Mr H. C. Toller, master
1926, Mr F. C. Stone, headmaster
1933, Miss White, Teacher

Newspaper Articles

1899 School Board Report

1910 Antipodean Visitors

1920 Twin Towns

1924 Comedy of School Vacancy

1926 Novel Jazz Band at Christmas

1933 Seaside holiday for Explosion children

Merton Memories Photos

Az Nu Engineering Co Ltd

261 Church Road

Aircraft component manufacturer.

Flight Magazine
29th November, 1917
Page 1268

New Companies Registered

AZ-NU Engineering Co. Ltd.
261 Church Road, Mitcham

Capital £12,000, in 10,000 preference and 2,000 ordinary shares of £1 each. Metal workers, manufacturers of aircraft and component parts, &c. First directors: C. Baynes, A. E. Heath, C. I. S. Fouracres and A. Greenless.

In the 1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades on Grace’s Guide, Baynes & Partners, Ltd. is listed as (late Aznu Engineering Co.), at 261, Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey. Phone : 1551. T /A : Radsparks, Mitcham.

In a Mitcham Urban District Council meeting of 27th November, 1917, the company’s application to keep its petroleum licence was approved. The company was referred to as previously London Sheet Metal Works.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.