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Rumbold Villas

Houses from north to south, between Aspen Gardens and Arneys Lane, off the west side of Carshalton Road, south of Mitcham Junction.

They were built in 1923/4, possibly by Joseph Owen. The houses south of Arneys Lane to the junction with Goat Road, were originally called Tramway Terrace, and were built earlier than 1894.

1894 OS map

1894 OS map

1932 OS map

1932 OS map

R.M. Chart valued the completed houses and loans were made by the Mitcham Urban District Council to purchasers under the Small Dwellings Acquisition Act, 1899.

No. Borrower Property Value £ Loan £
2 J. JORDON 750 675
3 P. PERRYMAN 730 500
4 G. MARLOW 730 655
5 F. ALLEN 725 650
6 L. BURKILL 725 600
7 K.T. TODD 730 655
8 J.B. ROWAN 900 800
10 H.L. GOFF 790 710
13 A.F. FERGUS 725 600
14 S.A. STOLLS 725 600
16 V.H. BARMBY 725 650
17 J.R. GASK 740 665
18 E.H. GRUBB 740 615
19 S.K. BUTTON 725 650
20 A. CRIPPEN 725 575
21 R.G. WILKINS 725 600
22 E.H. JENNER 725 650

Source: Volume IX, Mitcham UDC Minutes, Finance and General Purposes Committee, 1924.

Note that JORDON may be a typo, and probably should be JORDAN.

The name possibly came from the nearby Rumbold Farm, as shown on this 1866 OS map.

1866 OS map

1866 OS map

The 1924 electoral registers gives occupants for numbers 12 to 22.

12, Agnes HALE and Thomas Hargrave YATES
13, Alexander Forrester and Caroline Sophia FERGUS
14, Sidney Arthur and Lily STOLLS
15, Sidney Randolph and Grace Kathleen SELF
16, Victor BARNBY
17, John Reginald GASK

19, Sidney Kenneth BUTTON

22, Edmond Frank and Kate JENNER

In the 1925 electoral register, the names Rumbold Villas and Tramway Terrace have been dropped.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.


Rose Nursery

Weatherboarded cottage in Tramway Path.

There are two photos of this cottage on the City of London ‘Collage’ collection, both with the year of 1977, so perhaps it was demolished after that.

Image courtesy of Collage - The London Picture Library - http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk

1977 Image courtesy of Collage – The London Picture Library – http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk

Image courtesy of Collage - The London Picture Library - http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk

1977 Image courtesy of Collage – The London Picture Library – http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk

From the 1911 commercial directory:

Arthur George & Ephraim SIMMONS, florists, Tramway path, Lower Mitcham

The 1915 street directory names the cottage:

Tramway Path, from London Road, Lower Mitcham

George THOMPSON, florist (Station Nursery)
Ephraim SIMMONS, florist (Rose Nursery)

The cottage is shown on this 1953 OS map:

1953 OS map

1953 OS map

An area in the south ward called Simmons’ Land was recorded in UDC minutes of 1917 as being of 13 acres. This land was used for allotments during the war. From the minutes of the Mitcham Urban District council, volume III, 1917 to 1918, 19th June, 1917, page 52.

Agnes Clarrissa Simmons, the daughter of Arthur George Simmons, married Private Percy John Hale in February 1916. She lived with her parents in Elmwood Road.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Jersey Road

Road east of Ipswich Road and south of Seeley Road.

1933 OS map

1933 OS map

Occupants listed in the 1915 street directory:

From Links Road to Seeley Road
4, Alfred George NORRIS
6, Frank Ewart MASSEY
12, Victor PENNECARD

World War 1 Connections

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

F H NICHOLLS of 16 Jersey Road, aged 28 Years 9 Months, Compositor. Conscripted on 4 February 1917 to the 110th Training Reserve Batn.

From the Military Service Tribunals:

Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 14th December, 1917
Mitcham Tribunal

Mr W. Chilcott, age 29 (C2), a paper traveller, of Jersey-road, Tooting Junction, said he had one child, and a happy event was expected shortly in the family. There was no one to look after the wife if he joined up. Applicant said he had left his late employers, and was now a lathe operator. He held an exemption certificate, made by his employers. He said he was passed for labour at home, and was willing to do that work if needed. He had been rejected previously. Applicant said he had noticed that some Tribunals had given men conditional exemption if they did work of national importance.

Three months’ exemption.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Fernlea Road

Road at south eastern end of Graham Avenue and Graham Road, connecting to Sandy Lane. Twelve houses at the southern end of the road were called Colwin and Leighton Cottages.

1952 OS Map

1952 OS Map

World War 1 Connections

Private Harold Edgar Carter

Private George Francis Drewett

Lance Corporal Percy Herbert Sellers

Able Seaman Clarence John Wharton

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

H E BATEMAN of 83 Fernlea Road, aged 18 Years 1 Months, Coalboy. Conscripted on 11 January 1917 to the 22nd Training Reserve Batn.

Harold G CARTER of 3 Fernlea Road. Conscripted on 25 February 1918 to the Royal Fusiliers (53rd Ysb).

A S EDWARDS of 79 Fernlea Road, aged 18 Years, Baker. Conscripted on 8 November 1916 to the Norfolk Regiment (2/6th Batn).

A W ELLIS of Llanberris Fernlea Road, aged 26 Years 11 Months, Printer. Conscripted on 12 December 1916 to the Royal Sussex Regiment (1/6th Batn).

C E HOAD of Snowdon Cott Fernlea Road, aged 17 Years 11 Months, Labourer. Conscripted on 2 April 1917 to the 30th Training Reserve Batn.

W H KIRKHAM of 35 Fernlea Road, aged 21 Years 9 Months, Barman. Volunteered on 8 June 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment.

J MORLEY of 57 Fernlea Road, aged 21 Years 2 Months, Labourer. Volunteered on 6 December 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment (3rd Batn).

H C PETLEY of 83 Fernlea Road, aged 39 Years, Etcher. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Middlesex Regiment (25th Batn).

A TOURLE of 27 Fernlea Road, aged 25 Years 8 Months, Confectioner. Conscripted on 14 January 1916 to the 5th Labour Corps (301st Labour Co).

A E TRUCKELL of 47 Fernlea Rd, aged 30 Years, Grinder. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 12 December 1915 to the Royal Garrison Artillery.

H TURNER of 67 Fernlea Road, aged 17 Years 11 Months, Engineer. Conscripted on 28 October 1916 to the 21st Training Reserve Batn.

G WEBB of 17 Fernlea Road, aged 20 Years 2 Months, Machinist. Volunteered on 9 November 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment (11th Batn).

C F WELLER of 39 Fernlea Road, aged 18 Years, Sawyer. Conscripted on 21 June 1916 to the Royal Sussex Regiment (3rd Batn).

From the Military Service Tribunals:

Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 30th November, 1917
Mitcham Tribunal

Mr A.W.C. Carter aged 41, married, Fernlea-road, Mitcham, a master builder, appealed on financial and business grounds. His staff consists of his young son, two discharged men and one man over 50 years of age. He was classified C1 and was a special constable. He has had total exemption so long as he resumed his present employment. He had seven children and a delicate wife. A certificate from the inspector of the Mitcham specials, stating that the applicant was very efficient in the discharge of his duties. Applicant said he did a great deal of sanitary work.

The Chairman : I suppose the position is as before? – Yes, sir.

Ald. Chart : About how many houses have you to attend to? – About a thousand, sir.

Three months’ exemption.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Private Geoffrey Chart


—Mr. R. M. Chart. C.A., is so well-known for many years’ work as surveyor to the old Rural District Council and as County Alderman, that the sympathy will be wide for the loss he has sustained in the death at the front of his son, Pte. Geoffrey Chart, who joined up on the outbreak of the Boer War, and after the campaign was over started in business in Cape Town. When this war commenced he again joined the Highlanders, and last spring came back for a few days to his old home. He was wounded in action on Sept. 21st, and hopeful news was sent as to his recovery, but he died Sept. 23rd. He was 36, and leaves a wife and two children. Alderman Chart has three other sons serving.

Source: Surrey Mirror – Friday 12 October 1917 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)


Pte. Geoffrey Chart, South African Contingent, whose death on Sept. 23rd from wounds received on the 21st is reported, was the fourth son of Mr. Robert M. Chart, St. Mary’s, Mitcham, Alderman of the Surrey County Council, and chairman of the Small Holdings and Allotments Committee.

Source: Surrey Advertiser – Saturday 06 October 1917 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

Rank: Private
Service No: 10196
Date of Death: 23/09/1917
Age: 36
Regiment/Service: South African Infantry, 4th Regiment
Grave Reference: I. E. 6.
Cemetery: Nine Elms British Cemetery, Poperinge, Belgium.
Additional Information: Son of Robert and Florence Chart, of St. Mary’s, Mitcham, Surrey, England; husband of Margaret Chart, of Limebrook Cottage, Bingham Street, Bangor, Co. Down, Ireland.

The Nine Elms British Cemetery contains 1,556 Commonwealth burials from the First World War.

According to Eric Mobtague, in his Mitcham Histories : 1 The Cricket Green, page 105, St. Mary’s was the home of Robert Masters Chart from 1911 until his death in 1942. The house was near the old Methodist church, on the eastern side of the Cricket Green, and was demolished in the 1950s.

This image, part of a 1903 postcard, shows the old Methodist church and some houses next to it, which may include St Mary’s, where the road Chart Close is today.

c. 1903

c. 1903

George Weston Devenish

Lived at Hillfield, son of Bertha and Henry Weston Devenish.

Born 25th July 1893, died on 6th June 1917 aged 23.

Educated at Charterhouse.

From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:
Rank: Lieutenant
Date of Death: 06/06/1917
Regiment/Service: Royal Flying Corps 35th Sqdn. and Royal Field Artillery
Panel Reference:

His letters home are held by the Imperial War Museum, and were donated by his mother. Published as a book, the Internet Archive have a copy of this book, which can be downloaded as a PDF.

His will:

DEVENISH George Weston of Hillfield Mitcham Surrey
lieutenant H.M. Army died 6 June 1917 at Le Catelet (Somme) France
Administration London 31 October to Henry Weston Devenish barrister-at-law.
Effects £1194 9s. 9d.

Adjusted for inflation, this is around £156,000 in 2016 values.

His Royal Aero Club Aviator’s Certificate read:

DEVENISH, George Weston,
Hillfield, Mitcham, Surrey.

Born 25th July 1893 at Mitcham, Surrey
Nationality British
Rank, Regiment or Profession Lieut. R.F.A.,
Certificate taken on Maurice Farman Biplane
At Military School, Brooklands.
Date 26th September 1916
Killed in action 6th June 1917

For more, see the entry in Carved in Stone.

1917 War Allotments

From the minutes of the Mitcham Urban District council
Volume III 1917 to 1918
19th June, 1917
Pages 51 to 53

—The following report of the War Allotments Sub-Committee was submitted :—

The Committee have since their report made to the Council on the 27th February last held eight meetings. and beg to report to the Council as follows :—

The number of applicants for the allotments have been 530. The number of applicants satisfied who have taken up the land and are in possession of their allotments is 349; the rents received in advance for the half-year to Michaelmas amount to £49 5s 1 1/2d. The land acquired provided 417 plots. With some few exceptions, each allotment consists of 10 rods. This included land offered by the Wandsworth Gas Company, on which 20 allotments were set out, but only 7 were found to be capable of cultivation to advantage ; and on the estate of Mr. Ollerhead, where 35 allotments were set out, only 14 were taken up on account of the indifferent condition of the land. The only land acquired and set out for allotments which is suitable but has not been taken up is in Tamworth Lane, on Mr. Wise’s Estate, where 24 plots were set out and only 13 have been taken up, and 1 on St. George’s Road (Mr. Jones’s Estate), notwithstanding the fact that special handbills were printed and distributed around the district inviting applications.

These allotments are distributed throughout the Council’s district as follows:-

In the North Ward

Gorringe Park 62
Tooting Junction 10
Links Estate 9

In the South Ward

Elmwood Estate 59
Ollerhead’s Estate 14
Francis’s Meadow 7
Gas Works Land 7
Simmons’ Land 13

In the East Ward

East Fields 20
Graham Road 9
St. George’s Road 28
Tamworth Lane 11
Mitcham Lodge 7

In the West Ward

Colliers Wood 9
Byegrove Estate 25
Fortescue, Courtney and Devonshire Roads 21
Christchurch Road 17
Phipps Bridge 21
Total 349

A considerable number of applicants for allotments declined to take their plots up for various reasons: some because they were not close enough to their abode, some because of their working hours have been increased by their employers, others on account of their own or son’s enlistment, others because they were afraid of work, some never troubled to reply at all to the reminders sent them, and personal applications had to be made in the evening and frequently on Sundays, the only time the applicants could be found at home.


The arrangements made by the Board of Agriculture for the supply of seed potatoes has been most unsatisfactory. Through the County Committee the applicants were requested to state the quantity they required, and a choice of three sorts in two qualities were offered them, and your Committee upon receipt of the applications made request for the supply of 12 tons, which more than covered the quantity applied for up to the given date, Feb. 10th. The seed potatoes were delivered in instalments, and no definite information could he obtained its to whether the total quantity applied for would be delivered or not, or on what date they would be received. The first delivery of 2 tons was received on March 31st, the next delivery of 7 1/2 tons on April 11th, and a third delivery of 2 1/2 tons on April 17th. In the meantime additional applications were received, and the Committee applied for a further 4 tons (which they were informed would not probably be supplied), and the 12 tons were distributed, priority being given to all allotment holders ; but eventually another 4 tons arrived on April 27th, entailing a second distribution and going over the same ground a second time.

This procedure complicated the distribution, as the seed potatoes did not correspond either with qualify, description or price with the applications ; and as some applicants had already paid, some money had to be returned, whilst from others additional amounts had to be collected, whilst many of the applicants were found to have obtained their supplies elsewhere, entailing very considerable number of letters of explanation and visits to the applicants.

The potato seed was distributed to 265 persona, the amount received being £240: 0 : 6.

The Committee organised a course of three lectures on Potato Culture and the Cultivation of Allotments, the lecturer (Mr. Burgess) being supplied by the Surrey County Council.

In compliance with the request of the Board of Agriculture (Food Production Department) the Committee have resolved to undertake the spraying of potato crops of allottees at a charge of 3d. per rod of the crops sprayed, and issued a notice inviting applications. In order to secure the supply of sprayers and chemicals the Committee found it necessary to apply at once to the Board of Agriculture and pay for the sprayers and chemicals without which there appeared to be no certainty of obtaining them in time, and accordingly they recommend, That the Clerk be reimbursed the sum of £25 : 4 : 0 advanced by him.

the sprayers have not yet come to hand, but the spraying will be commenced on receipt thereof.

W.J. Hill,

June 12th, 1917

Resolved, That the report be received and adopted.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.