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Homefield House

House in Phipps Bridge, home to the Harland family. The varnish factory of William Harland & Sons Ltd. was just to the north, as can be seen on this 1894 map:

1894 OS Map

1894 OS Map

Merton Memories Photos
1920 view of factory buildings
aerial view of factory

Land registered in 1935 by New Ideal Homesteads Ltd., see London Gazette Publication date:10 September 1935 Issue:34197Page:5757

Demolished to make way for Homefield Gardens estate, built by Ideal Homesteads, the same builder of Bramcote Avenue and Denham Crescent.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Robinson Lane

Described in the 1891 street directory as in Tooting Graveney and being from Robinson Road to Mitcham Road.

The London Road south of Tooting railway station was called Mitcham Road possibly as far south as Tamworth Farm. Although not shown as Robinson Lane on this 1894 OS map, the road to the east of the railway line that leads to Swain’s Lane may be it.

1894 OS map

1894 OS map

There are 10 houses, arranged as two terraces of five houses each, on the south side with one house on the north side, as described in the 1891 street directory:


Henry Taylor, cowkeeper


10, Daniel Quinton
9, Mrs Brockwell
8, John Richard Smith
7, Thomas Henry Parsons
6, Mrs Bentley
5, Alfred Nunn, grocer
4, Richard Pocock
2, Thomas Burge
H. Nicholls, market gardener

The 1896 Kelly’s London Suburban Directory lists Harry Nicholls as a market gardener in Robinson Lane.

Occupants in 1901 Kelly’s London Suburban Directory (Vol. II: Southern. Part 1: Street & Commercial Directories), listed as Robinson Lane, Mitcham Road:

Harry Nickolls, market gardener
5, Alfred Nunn, shopkeeper

The 1915 street directory no longer has a Robinson Lane, and the occupants of Swain’s Lane, from London Road, were:


Frederick Nicholls, market gardener (Swain’s Farm)
Reginald Rainger, poultry farmer (Rose Cottage)
5 George Green, laundry

It is possible then that, between 1901 and 1915:

a) the Mitcham Road south of Tooting railway station to Tamworth Farm was renamed London Road; and
b) Robinson Lane was renamed part of Swain’s Lane and the house numbers were changed to suit.

Swains Lane was later renamed Swains Road.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Graham Road

Road off east side of Streatham Road, north of Lock’s Lane and south of Graham Avenue.

Built in the late 19th century on land previously occupied by The Willows, described by Eric Montague in his book Mitcham Histories : 2 North Mitcham, page 74, as having extensive stabling, farmery, meadows and gardens. The roads Graham Avenue, Elmfield Avenue and Fernlea Road were also built in this land. The address “Graham Road, Willows Estate” was used in this ad from 1900:

Mitcham (best part). – Pretty and conveniently arranged 6 – roomed houses; bath (h. and c.); good garden; within 10 minutes’ walk of Tooting Junction Station; good service of trains to Ludgate-hill and London-bridge; rent £24 per annum, or price (freehold) £350; £300 could remain on mortgage, repayable by easy instalments, which would amount to the same thing as paying rent.

Apply to Nott, Cartwright, and Etches, 13, The Parade, Tooting; 1, Bank Buildings, Balham; or to 39, Graham-road, Willows Estate, Mitcham.

1894 OS Map

1894 OS Map


1911 OS Map

In 1902, the road was made up, and charges to owners was based on the length of the frontage of their properties. This list is from the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council:

Volume 8
1902 to 1903
Mitcham Parochial
19th June 1902
page 200

The ‘number on plan’ isn’t a house number. The plan referred to isn’t available.

No. on plan Property Owner Frontage
1 House Sydney Moses 18 ft.
2 Three houses Charles Bell 54 ft.
3 Three houses Nott, Cartwright & Etches 54 ft.
4 Two houses Charles Bell 36 ft.
5 House Arthur Mansfield 18 ft.
6 House Charles Bell 18 ft.
7 House Charles Wheeler 18 ft.
8 House Alfred Edger 22 ft.
9 House Miss Annie Fawcett 18 ft.
10 House John Edwin Branch 18 ft.
11 Three houses Charles Bell 54 ft.
12 House Charles Remington 18 ft.
13 House Edward Duncan 18 ft.
14 Two houses Edward Charles 36 ft.
15 Eight houses Edward Cheeseman 134 ft. 6 ins.
16 Seven houses James Willers 121 ft. 6 ins.
17 House and land T.L. Laver 34 ft.
18 Land J. Mounter 24 ft.
19 Land Trustees of Lansbury 296 ft.
20 House and land F.L. Mizen 150 ft.
21 Land H.A. Chappell 188 ft.

The contract for making up the road went to tender, as listed in the council minutes of 18th September 1902, page 394:

Graham Road Tenders

The Council opened and considered the undermentioned tenders received for the making up, forming, kerbing, and metalling of Graham Road, Mitcham:-

Stockwell & Co., Bromley ……… £812 14s.
Adams, T., Wood Green, London …. £621
Free & Sons, Maidenhead ………. £540
Iles, E., Mitcham ……………. £495
Wheeler, W.H., Southwark, S.E. … £441 13s.

Resolved, That the tender of Mr. E. Iles, of Mitcham, be accepted, and that the necessary bond be entered into in accordance of conduct.

From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council
Volume IX 1903 – 1904
7th May 1903
page 71

No. 2481, Bennington, J.A., 3 houses, Graham Road, Mitcham

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

The street directories of 1891 and 1915 list the occupants in the order encountered when walking from Figgs Marsh to Fernlea Road. The house names are in brackets.



from Figg’s marsh

2 William James Dickisson (Trent House)
William Frederick Laing, auctioneer & estate agent (Trezamble)
James Dalton (Rose Bank)
George R. Waters (Sydmouth)
Andrew George Jones (Jessima)
James Knight (1 Graham villas)
Philip Musk (Rothesay)
John Davey (3 Graham villas)
Alfred Charles Firth (Dulmeney)
Samuel Weldon Myles (The Cottage)
Arthur E. Cooper (Lyndhurst)
12 Rev. Sydney Jackson [chaplain to Holborn Union workhouse & schools] (White Heather)
James Glover (Selby lodge)
Rowland Macbeth (Homeleigh)
Charles Stratton (Mayfair)
James Alfred Bennington (Eversley)
Edward E. Kelly glove cleaner (Melrose)
Alfred Thomas Green (Brambletye)
Thomas Harper (Stalheim)
Harry Wilson (Merok)
Henry Keen (Sundial)
Thomas Brandon (Viva villa)


Alex. Cordier (Rosenheath)
Charles Jordan (Linacre)
Mrs Bishop (Bellefontaine)
Alexander Notman (Essen)
George H. Day (Aldwark)
Jesse Ray (Kimberley)
James Arthur Martin (Ivydeane)
Arthur Lewis Peake (Belmont)
Herbert Geogre Littleton (Claremont)
Joseph Geaney (Inisfail)
Frederick V. Whicher (Sherwood)
John Howard Feesey (Elmwood villa)
Walter Hudson Douglas (Roselea)
John Lewis Rooke (Thorstone)
Mrs Scales (St. Arvans)
William Luker (The Glen)
26 Richard James Glyde (Glenmore)
27 William Vickers (Crohamhurst)
28 William Driver (The Nest)
Edward Gurr (Sunnymeade)
Arthur Edward Hayne (St. Cross)
Mitcham Conservative & Unionist Association (Arthur Edward Hayne sec.) (St. Cross)
Henry Ailes Chappell (Oxwycke)

…. here is Fernlea Road ….



Miss Wilson (Montrose)
E. Hitchings (Trezamble)
H.S. Coldicott (The Cottage)
William Baker (Lyndhurst)
W.H. Wood (Oakleigh)
V. Roberts (Selby lodge)
Philip Marshal (Homeleigh)
John Forge (Brambletye)


50 Joseph Harbord
Dr. W.V. Kemshead (Avondale)
26 Hamilton Lawrence

First World War combatants 2nd Lt. Arthur Gordon Jackson, and his brother Lt Henry Stewart Jackson lived at White Heather, in Graham Road.

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

20 years of the Parish Council – statement by the Chairman

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 12
April 1914 to March 1915
Chairman’s Statement
24th March 1915
pages 173 to 176


I should like to make a short statement to-night, after our twenty years service as a Parish Council. There is alway a sadness in the last time and to-night we have come to the last time that we sha11 meet as a Parish Council, but our sadness is softened by the knowledge that we shall shortly re-assemble with larger powers, and, may I add, that I hope under brighter prospects than those in which our Country is now unfortunately plunged. We shall meet with a more imposing title of Urban District Council, but we can never be more in accord as to our desire to serve the Parish to the best of our ability. There has always been a keen anxiety to obtain a seat on the Parish Council. During the first eight years we had an annual election, then the period of election was altered to once in three years. I may say that as a Parish Council we have always had regard to economy, and I hope with our larger powers we may continue to do so, remembering that high rates alway mean high rents.

Gentlemen, after being in existence for 20 years we have tonight held our last meeting; since the Local Government Act of 1894 gave us the power to elect a Parish Council we have grown from a country village of 12,000 parishioners having a rateable value of £57,381 with an annual estimate rental of £70,092, to an Urban Parish of about 31,000 inhabitants with a rateable value of £137,000 and a estimated rental of £174,000. The Parish is 2,914 acres extent, viz. 4.5 square miles. Our Parish of Mitcham contains the largest population of any Parish in England that is governed by a Parish Council; we have seven groups of Council Schools, and one Voluntary School the Parish, with about, 7,000 children, or one-tenth of the children in the County of Surrey.

It may interest you to know that since the formation of the Parish Council there have been 50 gentlemen honoured by the electors to serve upon it.

served 20 years
Messrs. J. R. Chart, J. M. Leather, E. E. Mizen, and A. Mizen

15 years
The Rev. R. Richman

12 years
G. J. Dale

9 years
W. M. Bland and J. Stickings

8 years
J. Drewett, W. H. Parslow, C. W. Benger and G. F. Jones

7 years
E. Birch

6 years
F. L. Mizen, A. E. Cubison, W. M. Thomson

5 years
H. L. Hallward and H. Mount.

4 years
G. Parker and G. Barson.

3 years
W. Tupper, W. Catt, J. P. Harvey, Rev. Canon Wilson, Rev. W. M. C. McAlister, A. Cooper, G. Granger, F. L. Baker, C. H. Dant, P. L. Kensett, T. Taylor.

2 years
Rev. C. Codlin, W. Harbour, T. Francis, jun., G. Gregory, T. W. Aldwinkle, Dr. de Caux, S. Blaker, J. Brewer, F. F. Laker, J. Snelling, E. E. Snowsill

1 year
G. P. Bidder, T. Allen, J. T. Figg, C. H. Dungate, F. H. Oedgrith and J. W. Moore

From among whom the following have occupied the chair:-

Messrs. G. P. Bidder, Rev. Canon Wilson, A. Mizen, J. R. Chart, E. E. Mizen, J. M. Leather, A. Dendy, C. H. Dant, J. Drewett, G. J. Dale, W. H. Parslow, Rev. R. Richman, W. M. Bland.

Among the most important offices to which the Parish Council have the power to elect members are the Overseers of the Poor, Mitcham Common Board of Conservators, Mitcham School Managers, and Trustees of the Parochial Charities. The Parish Council have also been constituted a Parochial Committee, to carry out various powers that have been delegated to them by the Croydon Rural District Council.

The Surrey County Council have on the petition of the Parish Council, held enquiries into the following matters, viz., in 1897 as to the status of the road leading from Locks Lane to Greyhound Lane ; in 1898 as to the adoption of the Housing of the Working Classes Acts; in 1912, as to the division of the Parish into Wards ; and in 1913, as to the granting of Urban Powers to Mitcham.

In 1904 Capt. Harold Bidder presented the Parish Council with some very interesting Saxon Relics, which are now suitably exposed in a glass case in the Vestry Hall. The Parish Council have not neglected the protection of the Parish from fire, having provided 2 Fire Escapes, one for each end of the Parish, and in 1911 purchased a Motor Fire Engine. In 1897 the Parish Council took over the control of the fire extinguishing appliances at Colliers Wood and appointed a joint Committee to manage the same. The Parish Council also accepted a clock and tower which had been placed on the Upper Green in memory of the Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee. I may mention here that the Parish Council met twice to record the regret at the death of two sovereigns, that of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria and His late Majesty King Edward VII., and also twice to approve of festivities in honour of the coronation of King Edward VII. and His Majesty King George V.

The Parish Council also have acted as the Burial Board and have made provision which should last for a great number of years by the purchase of the glebe land which adjoins the old churchyard and the newer portion which was purchased and formerly managed by the Burial Board before the creation of the Parish Council.

In conclusion I must say that during the 20 years of the Parish Council the members have given of their time and talent for the betterment of the Parish and the good of all its inhabitants, and from its first inception to its last hour to-night we have been favoured with the ungrudging and valuable service of our Clark, Mr Alderman Chart, without whose valuable advice we might have often gone astray; and in tendering him my personal thanks I will include his absent son, Mr, Stephen Chart, who in the past we have so constantly had with us, but who is now absent on the service of his country, to which we wish in God speed and a safe and speedy return.

Mr. Alfred Mizen,
Chairman of the Mitcham Parish Council

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Parish Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.