King’s Head

Original name of the Burn Bullock, 315 London Road.

Transferred from Nalder & Collyers Brewery Co. Ltd. to Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd. in 1936. Allsopp name dropped in 1959.

1952 photo shows Ind Coope & Allsop as brewer

1952 photo shows Ind Coope & Allsopp as brewer

From the Tithe Apportionment Map of 1846, the occupier of the land owned by Henry Moore was Henry Hart. The land measured 3 roods and 6 square perches.

From 1851 directory : Henry HART
From 1855 list of voters : Henry MOORE
From 1880 newspaper : transferred from Mrs POUNER to Mr SAMPSON
From newspapers in 1906 and 1911 : A. W. WATTS
From 1986 Mitcham Diary : Cilla and Malcolm

News Articles

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 07 June 1873

Disorderly Customer.

— Murphy, of West-street, Mitcham, was charged before the Croydon magistrates, on Tuesday, with creating disturbance at the King’s Head public-house, Mitcham, on the 2nd inst,, and refusing to leave when requested to do so.

—Philip Acker, potman at the King’s Head, Lower Mitcham, stated that on Monday afternoon prisoner was in the house, and was very disorderly. Mrs. Poyner requested him to leave, and witness took him into the passage, but prisoner broke away, and got into the parlour again. Mrs. Poyner again requested him to leave, but he would not. Witness then had him taken into custody.

—P.-c. 343 W deposed to finding the prisoner in fighting attitude at the King’s Head. Prisoner said someone had offended him, and he would not leave.

—Prisoner, in answer to the charge, said there was some dancing at the house, but no fighting.—The Bench ordered him to pay fine of 2s. 6d. and 2s. 6d. costs.

From the Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette – Saturday 19 August 1911


— The following license transfers were sanctioned by the Croydon County Bench on Saturday:—Full licenses: The “Buck’s Head,” Mitcham. from Harold L. Howell (official receiver) to Louis John Bromley. The “White Hart,” London-road, Mitcham, from Thomas Lane to John Jesse Vick. Plans of alterations at the “Kings Head.” Mitcham (A. W. Watts, licensee), and the “Crown” at Morden (licensee. James S. Bailey), were approved by the magistrates.