Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Recently Added/Updated

Updated : Smith’s Terrace
Updated : Whitford Gardens
Added : 1877 : The School Board Election
Added : 1877 : Proposed 100 acres of Mitcham Common for sewage
Added : Church architect HP Burke-Downing
Added : Suffragette Stories
Updated : United Filters and Engineering Co., Ltd.
Added : Percy Mayhew
Added : Billy Wood
Added : 1932 : Young man electrocuted while washing his employer’s van
Added : E. Birch & sons, butchers
Added : 1933 : Husband and wife buried in one grave
Added : Morden Gardens, Glendene, St Marks vicarage house, Heyford Road, Dorset Road
Updated : Occupants of 1930 added to The Parade
Updated : Occupants of 1925 added to Fountain Road
Updated : Occupants of 1915 and 1925 added to Fountain Place
Added : Descalite Chemical Industries Ltd., Davis Greengrocers, Brymans Newsagents, North’s Rubber Co., Victoria Fencing Co. Ltd.
Added : Midland Bank branches
Added : 1929 : Where to shop in Mitcham


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