Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

This worthy cause will be shown on the introduction page until further notice.

Click on this photo to go to the gofundme website. Please donate to help save the Mitcham Cricket Club!

Recently Added/Updated

Added : Early morning cricket in 1877 : the Peep o’ Days v the Early Risers
Updated : 1845 article added to The Ship pub
Added : Video interview with secretary of the Mitcham Cricket Club
Updated : Landlord for 1923 added to Kings Arms
Added : 258 London Road
Updated : DER shop advert from 1960 added
Updated : Kings Arms pub
Added : 1930 : Reburial of bodies from Zion Chapel
Updated : Queens Road was shortened in 1996
Added : Bailey Road and Byegrove Road
Updated : Ad for Cannon Brewery added to The Star pub
Updated : Occupants in 1904 added to Ashbourne Road, and Benedict Terrace
Added : Dalton Avenue
Updated : added occupants from 1915 and 1925 to Lewis Road
Updated : adverts from 1925 added to Leonard Davey and Hart and Stanley Dale & Sons
Updated : 1915 licensee added to the Nag’s Head
Updated : 1915 licensee added to the White Hart
Added: 1968 : Turner’s Bakery horse Lizzie retires
Updated : James Pain & Sons
Updated : Sibthorp Road
Added : Architects Collcutt and Hamp


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