Fountain Road

Demolished in mid 1970s to make way for the ‘Quadrant’ housing estate, Sadlers Close. The road was off the Western Road and connected to the end of Sibthorpe Road. At the corner of Fountain Road and Western Road was the Fountain pub.

Included Trotts Yard.

1910 OS Map

1910 OS Map

Occupants from the 1891 directory:

From Merton Lane to Sibthorpe Road


Walter Lancaster, contractor
Mrs. C. Howe, wood dealer


Chas. Stevens, wardrobe dealer
Mrs. E. Ballard, shopkeeper

In the 1915 directory:

From Western Road to Sibthorp Road


23, Mrs. Mary Prestridge, shopkeeper


14, Mrs. A. Ellis, shopkeeper
36, James Elliott, marine store keeper
52, Mrs. Eliza Ballard, shopkeeper

Merton Memories has a photo of around 1962.

World War 1 Connections

Private Charles Bone
Driver William Thomas Challis
Private David James Elliott
Private John Gardner
Lance Corporal Isaiah Lemon

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.


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