Chrome Print Ltd.

Eveline Road then Bond Road

Silk screen printers

Lithographic and photographic printers and bookbinders

Moved to Coulsdon in 1980s – according to a person on the Facebook Mitcham History group.

News Articles

MITCHAM factories are facing a shortage of girl labour.
Todays youngsters prefer the office to the machine shop, they

One firm is Chrome Print Ltd., quality colour printers of Eveline Road.

They have a bright modern factory with good working conditions but they find difficulty in getting young factory girls.

A firm’s spokesman said this week: “We have always had this problem. The type of girl suitable is between 17 and 30 prepared to stay with us permanently. But they don’t seem to exist in Mitcham.”

Mitcham’s Youth Employment Officer, Mr. G. Ellis, said it was an old problem.

“Girls today would rather work in an office,” he said. They think that factory work is beneath them.”

Chrome Print products range from colour display cards, packages and labels for cosmetic firms, to brochures and illustrated literature.

The have factories in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, U.S.A.. and Italy.

The pride themselves on their fine line printings and gloss letterings.

Ad for staff in January 1970:

Text of ad:

Chrome Print
of Mitcham
have a variety of
interesting jobs



17/35 years of age for clean, interesting work, 40-hour
week, overtime available. Time-keeping bonus
and choice of extra bonus.


about 18 years of age for Stores work and training
on guillotine.

Male and Female assistants for
Must be accurate at measurements.


Preferably with experience of Photo-mechanical work.

Chrome Print Ltd., Bond Road, Mitcham

Tel: 648 5251

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