Will Evans

Music Hall actor, early 20th century, lived in Mitcham.

News Articles


Mr. Will Evans to Pay £64 by Consent in Cinema Case.


Actors were parties in an action before Mr. Justice Avory yesterday.

Plaintiff was Mr. Albert le Fre. of Upper Tulse Hill, who sued Mr. William Evans, of Mitcham, for £64 provided by the plaintiff in connection with the formation of a cinema syndicate.

In opening the case, Mr. Patrick Hastings stated that the leading feature ot the cinema films was to be Will Evans, himself.

Will Evans had a great reputation in the music hall world in performing little sketches such as “Harnessing the Horse” and “White-washing the Celling.”

Mr. Le Fre was induced to put money in the scheme, but, in point of fact, said counsel, no company was ever formed at all.

In the prospectus which was sent out it was stated: ” We hear on good authority that Mr.
Evans’ first film of ‘ Harnessing a Horse’ earned over £10,000.”

Counsel asked the jury to say that Mr Evans was responsible for that statement.

Plaintiff, in giving evidence, said he had asked Mr Evans for his money back, and Mr. Evans always said : ” The money is perfectly safe, Albert. I guarantee you any money you have put in this company.”

William Edward Evans went into the witness box. He said he was not responsible for the statement about the film “Hamessing a Horse” having earned £10,000.

Eventually the jury were withdrawn, and by consent judgment was given for the plaintiff for £64 and costs.

Source: Daily Mirror, 31st January, 1919


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