Lower Green Public Conveniences

From the minutes of the Mitcham Urban District council
Volume IX April 1923 to March 1924
Pages 291 to 292

Report of Sub-Committee appointed to consider the question of the provision of Public Conveniences.
Meeting held Monday, October 15th, 1923.

Present : Mr. R. F. Langley (Chairman), Messrs. H. J. Davis, J. Fitch and W. H. Parslow.

The Sub-Committee considered the matter referred to them by the Public Health Committee, and beg to submit the following suggestions :-

1. The need for public conveniences in certain parts of Mitcham is becoming more and more apparent every year, and with the constant increase in the number of visitors brought into the district by the omnibus and tramway services it is essential that the matter should be taken in hand at a very early date.

2. The Sub-Committee consider that the most pressing needs are for public conveniences (for both sexes) upon the Fair Green and the Lower Green.

3. The site upon the Fair Green has already been determined by the Council, and the plans of the Surveyor have been the matter is now before the Ministry of Health.

4. The provision of a convenience on the Lower Green is, therefore, in the opinion of the Sub-Committee, the most pressing need at the present time. every day a large number of persons are brought to this spot owing to its being the terminus of a well patronised bus service.

5. The Sub-Committee suggest that the most suitable site for a convenience is upon the triangular piece of ground, now planted as a shrubbery, between the ” Cricketers ” Inn and Messrs. Barclays Bank ; and the Committee further suggest that a convenience constructed upon this site could be of an external design which would be in no way a disfigurement to the Green.

6. The Sub-Committee look upon the provision of a convenience in the vicinity of the omnibus terminus as an essential.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.


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