A letter from 1935 – an enjoyable week in Mitcham

Dear Uncle Tom,

— At last I am writing to you again.

I have really been waiting until I had saved my 200 farthings, but it is surprising what a long time it takes. I had hoped to be able to send them long before this. I am looking forward to next summer as last year I had some lovely holidays. Very soon after we broke up I went to Mitcham for a week and did I enjoy myself? I should say so. I went out on the common every day and as it was so hot I saw a great many heath fires.

After this I spent another enjoyable week in Worthing, near Brighton, but best of all was the fortnight in Malines, Belgium.

I went to the Brussels Exhibition and spent the whole day there. It was all very interesting. Another day I went to Antwerp. I went over the river Scheldt in a boat and came back under the river through tunnel which was a mile long. I went into the Museum Steen and saw all the old-fashioned furniture and old implements of torture.

I also went into the dungeons underground, and in some of them only about three little holes as big as a penny were used to let air and light come in. When we had finished dinner we went the Zoo. I went to a great many other places besides but I have no time to tell you about them to-day.

Your loving niece, JUNE.
66, Dolphins Road,

Source: Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald – Saturday 16 November 1935 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

Note that this letter was published under another, see below, from the Doctor Barnado’s Homes, which acknowledged receipt of money to pay for a cot at the Bruce-Porter Home. The 200 farthings referred to in this letter was a contribution for such a cot. A farthing being a quarter of an old penny, then 200 farthings was 50 old pence, or 4 shillings and twopence – inflation adjusted to 2016, this is around £14.

The letter from Dr. Barnado’s :

Dear Sir,

— Enclosed I have much pleasure in forwarding our Hon. Treasurer’s receipt for the sum of £10 which has safely come to hand, as a second instalment, from the members of the League of Lasting Kindness, towards the support of their Cot in our Bruce-Porter Hospital Home.

Will you once again express our Council’s very grateful appreciation of all the kindness and help shown by the members of the League? We are glad to know that they have every opportunity of visiting our Bruce-Porter Home, and seeing for themselves the wonderful progress which their little protege has made since he has been in the Home.

I am sure it must gladden their hearts to feel that they have been able to have a share in bringing about such very happy and blessed results.

The Board Room,
Dr. Barnardo’s Homes,
18 to 26, Stepney Causeway,
London, E.1.


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