Mitcham District Boy Scouts’ Local Association

From the Mitcham Youth Handbook of 1949


Objects: To develop good citizenship among boys by forming their character; training them in habits of observation, obedience and self-reliance; inculcating loyalty and thoughtfulness for others; teaching them services useful to the public and handicrafts useful to themselves; promoting their physical, mental and spiritual development. Camping plays an important part in Scout training.

The movement is non-political and has no military aim or practice, and through international brotherhood seeks to foster the best safeguards of peace.

There is a section for handicapped boys who through blindness, deafness, etc., have previously been unable to take part in scouting activities.

The Groups include (sometimes run as one section): Cub Pack, ages 8 to 11; Scout Troop, ages 11 to 15; Senior Scout Troop, ages 15 to 18; Rover Crew, ages 18 upwards.

Source: Local Studies Centre, Morden Library, Civic Centre, Morden.
Reference: L2 (369) MIT


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