Mitcham Youth Club

From the Mitcham Youth Handbook of 1949


Address : Upper Mitcham Schools, St. Mark’s Road.
Leader: Mr. T. A. Baptie.
Asst. Club Leader: Mrs. E. Soldinger.

All correspondence should be addressed to the Club.

Club Nights: Mondays, 7.0-10.0 p.m. Girls’ Club; Tuesdays, 7.0-10.0 p.m., Boys’ Club; Thursday, 7.0-t o.o p.m., Mixed Club; Fridays, 7.0-10.0 p.m., Drama Group; Saturday, 7.0-10.30 p.m., Mixed Club.

Membership is open to all young people from 14 to 21 years of age.

Activities: Debates, Discussions, Talks, Dancing, Drama, Indoor Games, Billiards, Table Tennis, Darts, Cricket, Football, Swimming, Netball, Hiking, Cycling, Athletics, Camping, Tennis, Motor-cycling.

The Club is run under the direction of the Club Leaders, by a Committee elected by the Club. They decide the programme in response to the wishes of the members. The Club has a membership maximum of 150 and is open to boys and girls of any denomination.

Source: Local Studies Centre, Morden Library, Civic Centre, Morden.
Reference: L2 (369) MIT


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