Universal Tool Co., Ltd.

Universal Tools Works
Tramway Path

Tool & Jig Maker

Listed in the 1963 List of Factories (U to Y)

Made parts for De Havilland Mosquito during WW2, see Grace’s Guide.



1/8/1940 Flight Magazine

UNIVERSAL TOOLS, Ltd., have now equipped their new factory with large range of presses Up to 70 tons; having own tool room. Prompt de-liveries can be effected of pressings, assemblies, etc., also electric welding; A.I.D. approved; over 30 years’ experience with difficult problems.— Universal Tools, Ltd., Tramway Path, Mitcham. ‘Phone: Mitcham 2634.



1956 phonebook ad



One thought on “Universal Tool Co., Ltd.

  1. Norman Manion

    After Walter Lawrence & Sons Ltd completed the Mosquito in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire they were transported on long lorries to Hatfield, Herts. My mother was employed in the factory to sandpaper the bumps on bodies to make them smooth. They called them scrubbers. When the war ended the Universal Tools factory was making pontoons for the Royal Engineers. I lived in Mitcham from 1951/1981.



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