Mitcham Gas Works, Western Road

From the booklet : The Wandsworth and District Gas Company, A Century of Progress 1834 to 1934.

The Wandsworth and Putney Gas Light and Coke Co. was formed in 1834. In 1934 it is comprised of eight original companies, brought together by two purchases and four amalgamations.

1834 Wandsworth Company formed.
1835 Kingston Company formed.
Malden Company formed.
Dormay’s Company (formed some time later).
1839 Epsom and Ewell Company formed.
1849 Mitcham Company formed.
1852 Wimbledon Company formed.
1857 Sutton Company formed.
1864 Mitcham Company amalgamated with Wimbledon Company.
1868 Kingston Company purchased Malden Gas Works.
1873 Wandsworth Company purchased Dormay’s Company.
1912 Wandsworth Company amalgamated with Mitcham and Wimbledon ; and Epsom and Ewell Company.
1930 Wandsworth Company amalgamated with Kingston-on-Thames Company.
1931 Wandsworth Company amalgamated with Sutton Company.

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