Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Recently Added/Updated

Updated : Edmund Road
Updated : 1953 footpath widening added to 205 & 207 Commonside East
Added : Roads Seely Road, Shore Street, Oxtoby Way and Byards Croft
Updated : Laing’s Corner
Updated : Grange House
Updated : 1931 will of Paul George William Typke added to Typke and King
Added : Basic info on various shops – Hutton’s, Speedway Shoe Repairs, Speedwell Radio and J. Spencer, grocer
Added : Riverside Drive
Added : 1879 : A Question of Sobriety – includes Star and Bath Tavern
Added : Newspaper report on fire at Bigsby’s varnish factory in 1911
Added : 1898 : Making oil cloth in Mitcham
Added : 1837 : Pasture of 12 acres for sale next to The Swan
Added : 1891 : Mitcham fruit seller buried with fruit and nuts
Updated : 1973 ad R.A. Stephen & Co., Ltd.
Added : 1940 : Removal of tramway rails
Added : 1973 : News article on The Cricketers pub
Updated : Year of rebuild added to The Star
Added : The Driftway
Updated : 1961 news item added to Coloquid Paints Ltd.
Updated : 1961 news item – shortage of girls for Chrome Print factory
Updated : Map and 1961 news item added to Stewart & Gray Ltd.
Updated : A & C Jenner
Added : Surrey Arms pub and their coat of arms
Added : 1961 obituary of Jack Gillard, newsvendor at Fair Green since 1920
Added : William Richardson, cobbler
Updated : 1949 Aerial photo added to James Ferguson & Sons, Ltd.
Added : 1961 obituary of Albert Bowdery
Added : 1961 retirement of Baths superintendent
Added : Microplas Ltd.
Updated : Marco Refrigerators, Ltd.
Updated : Laying out of housing estate article added to New Close
Added : Eddown & Co.
Updated : 1858 news item added to the Gardeners Arms
Updated : Az Nu Engineering changed name to Baynes & Partners Ltd


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