Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Recently Added/Updated

Added : 1939 : Rateable value of pubs and off-licences
Added : South Suburban Co-Op, 37/39 Upper Green East
Added : Cecilia
Added : Tom Sherman, the fastest bowler of his time
Updated : Links added to War Memorial
Updated : 1874 auction added to Ravensbury Villas
Updated : Bryant Carton Co. updated with map and aerial photo
Updated : Cranmer Villas
Added : 1932 : Narrow escapes in fire
Added : 1924 : Fireman aged 7
Updated : Family background added to Leo’s Ice Cream
Added : Stepney Close
Added : Laburnum Park Estate
Added : Leo’s Ice Cream
Added : Guyatt Gardens
Added : Mitcham Stadium
Updated : Stone inscribed A.G. 1809 from Durham House
Added : Avenue Road
Added : 2 to 38 Upper Green East
Added : H.A. Paine, off licence
Added : Borris
Added : Paul Bowness Memorial Gardens
Added : Grove Lodge Garage

Click on this photo to go to the gofundme website. Please donate to help save the Mitcham Cricket Club!

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