Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Recently Added/Updated

Updated : Queens Road was shortened in 1996
Added : Bailey Road and Byegrove Road
Updated : Ad for Cannon Brewery added to The Star pub
Updated : Occupants in 1904 added to Ashbourne Road, and Benedict Terrace
Added : Dalton Avenue
Updated : added occupants from 1915 and 1925 to Lewis Road
Updated : adverts from 1925 added to Leonard Davey and Hart and Stanley Dale & Sons
Updated : 1915 licensee added to the Nag’s Head
Updated : 1915 licensee added to the White Hart
Added: 1968 : Turner’s Bakery horse Lizzie retires
Updated : James Pain & Sons
Updated : Sibthorp Road
Added : Architects Collcutt and Hamp
Added : Leonard Davey and Hart
Updated : Shore Street demolition fight lost in 1968
Updated : John Baptiste Rompel
Added : Spring Gardens, Church Road
Updated : Occupants added to Chilton Place
Updated : Occupants added to Romeo Villas, Gladstone Road,
Added : 1877 : West Kent Drainage scheme
Added : Westfield Road
Updated : Pear Tree Close – maps added
Added : Marrianne Cottages
Added : Foster’s Autocentre, 96 Church Road
Updated : Smith’s Terrace
Updated : Whitford Gardens
Added : 1877 : The School Board Election
Added : 1877 : Proposed 100 acres of Mitcham Common for sewage
Added : Church architect HP Burke-Downing


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